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TI Nspire SMS Shield

Started by TurtleForGaming, January 25, 2018, 08:11:25 pm

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January 25, 2018, 08:11:25 pm Last Edit: April 22, 2018, 09:19:56 pm by TurtleForGaming
So all started last year in class when I was talking to a friend about the nspire after some time we discussed that I will be cool to be able to send SMS with the nspire. After that I did some research on how I will be able to do this:
First solution was LUA but the send function was not implemented in my calc version and there is no way to get data back.
Next was Ndless which one I choose. After letting the project die for almost 6 months I restarted it and started making my program on the calc side.
I have take about a 3-4 month to send and get data "flawlessly". But after a LOT of tweaking. I can send and receive msg via the uart port at the bottom of the calc. Next I have implemented contact selection. For all of my testing I have to solder a wire to the back port on the calc and fault "Humm that such a terrible idea". So I went in solidworks and started designing my own case for the ti and here is my first test:

Very old link: (
I haven't 3D printed the final version yet so I can't show you.

After the ndless part completed I let the project die again for around a month and then I started modifying the case a little bit more to add pin hole / hole for the Bluetooth module /etc...
Then I started making the android app to make the SMS sending / reading possible add I did that for around two month on Android studio.

And here I am with my first working prototype of the Nspire SMS Shield "working":

Old links see new shield below
( / )

There is a lot of tweaking left to do but I works and I'm not stopping the developement here
If you are interested in the source code please contact me :)


It's a long time i know. So i have make a github if someone got any interest:
I've make a new 3d printed shield (last version I think):

And I completly redone the apps
(Video comming soon)


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This is really cool. The messaging is fully working, yeah? You should make a demo video for it!

I think someones tried IRC on the nspire before, but it required a separate computer, not just a module stored in the case. I'd like to see this connected to WalrusIRC :walrii:


April 22, 2018, 09:15:29 pm #3 Last Edit: April 22, 2018, 09:21:04 pm by TurtleForGaming
see first post (up)

Lionel Debroux

Interesting work :)
The shield is quite thick, so it's not stealthy... but that's probably not a design goal ^^

There's quite a bit of code duplication between the nspire-communication/nspire-client/uart_*/*.cpp files; you may want to factor uart_getsn_mdf() and friends to a common file. Also, you may want to use a thin layer to abstract the UART protocol communication details, making it possible to add support for other transmitters :)
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