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The POTY 2017 results are out!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, January 10, 2018, 11:14:38 PM

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DJ Omnimaga has published the Program of the Year 2017 results. You can look at them at . Congratulations to @Sorunome , @123outerme , @MateoConLechuga , @Ranman and @gameblabla and good job to everyone who made headlines!



Congrats everyone!  :thumbsup:

Let's make 2018 even better.
Bringing Randy Glover's Jumpman to the TI-89 calculator. Download available at Ticalc.


Woohooo! Congrats to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who voted for reuben!
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And now......give me an internet!

To be or not to that even a question? Who gets to decide this anyways?


I said the same thing on the actual results page, but thanks everyone for voting, and congrats to all the winners, and may we have another great year of games and programs!

Caleb Hansberry

Congrats! There's some great programs featured :D

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