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Hardcore Spectrum Disorder (2017 music album) now complete! Releases Dec 15 2017

Started by DJ Omnimaga, September 28, 2017, 03:56:01 am

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DJ Omnimaga

First happy hardcore song (that isn't fast eurodance) in years. This one is a bit different in the way that the bassline uses the guitar sounds used in all my metal songs. It also doesn't follow the general hardcore rules as much as my previous hardcore songs and was created at a time where my autism had taken a toll on my social life for quite a few years already. Hence the title.

It's also my second longest hardcore song ever, behind only the 2007 UK hardcore remix of Firestorm, and my 5th longest song ever overall.

DJ Omnimaga

Here's another song for the same album, this time more metal style:

It's much shorter, though.

DJ Omnimaga

Here's a short radio mix of Hardcore Spectrum Disorder:

I prefer the original, long version, but this version might be handy for sharing in places with restricted song length limit or for people who prefers shorter songs.


Wow I really like the 120-08 song, catchy melody.
Good to see more music!
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DJ Omnimaga

Thanks :D

And yeah I made quite a few songs in 2017 despite the long break from May to late September. By the way, I also made a Christmas remix of HSD:

It's my most relaxing song ever I would say.

DJ Omnimaga

It's now complete! Release date: December 15th 2017 . The URL will be

DJ Omnimaga

Forgot to say that here but until tomorrow morning my entire discography including this album is $5.41 if bought together on Bandcamp

Decon Theed

Been sampling some of this on bandcamp and man, it sounds extremely promising. It is definitely worth way more then the asking price, so I'm gonna wait until my next payday to pick it up. Gotta support the indies after all ;)

Excellent work DJ; always warms my heart to see folks keeping M2K alive \m/
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