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Started by 岩倉 澪, January 28, 2015, 08:43:25 am

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Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

I suggest you to use multi-layer maps if so, to have tiles which will be over the sprites. (For instance the roofs in Pokémon since gen3 are over the character to allow it to go behind the building)

DJ Omnimaga

Multiple layers would definitively be nice, providing it won't slow things down too much. It would allow for much more complex maps. (although it's possible to mimic multi-layer maps with just 1 layer, but it won't give as much freedom and sometimes it might look weird when the character walks behind a wall and disappears instantly rather than gradually disappearing.


DJ as this is a PC project you don't really need worry about slowdowns when multi-layering :P Your window manager does it all the time when you have overlapping windows ;)
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岩倉 澪

Yes there will be multi-layering :P

As for progress updates: the hotswap module rewrite is going well and I'll be pushing it to the github repo in the next day or two hopefully, I just implemented handling for the case where an object file fails to build, it will wait for the next change rather than spamming rebuild lol

DJ Omnimaga

Cool to hear. I really can't wait to see some eye candy in the near future, but I understand that this can be a lot of work, especially that not only you need to code, but you also need to make graphics >.<

岩倉 澪

Finished my hotswap module rewrite today https://github.com/miotatsu/piworld/blob/master/source/platform/hotswap.d
next up will be a minimal pass on a platform layer and experimenting with/mocking graphic style

I'll be sure to post "eye candy," as I have it, though initial mockups won't be very pretty or representitive of what the final game ends up looking like :P

DJ Omnimaga

February 05, 2015, 06:38:52 pm #21 Last Edit: February 05, 2015, 06:45:23 pm by DJ Omnimaga
Cool to hear Tatsu :D, I am truly curious about how it will look like, even before you add the real graphics in. Do you plan to make a video?

EDIT: 5000th forum post! :D (not much I know but it's the fastest start on any calc forum I founded, although things have slowed down lately)

岩倉 澪

Eventually I will make videos when video would appropriately show off features (I'd love to make one to show off hotswapping, but it would be a lot more fun to wait until a platform layer is in place for that - hotswapping functions that do stuff like write to a terminal isn't nearly as cool looking ;))

For a while you can probably expect only notebook sketches, mockup images, and rough placeholders in-game

congrats on 5K, DJ :P

DJ Omnimaga

I was more wondering about when you implement scrolling and the like, to see how smooth it will run, but I am fine if you wait until you have some more stuff going on :)

岩倉 澪

pushed bugfixes to the hotswap module today: https://github.com/miotatsu/piworld/commit/abe13ac48d93bb66d433e874c85d5f7a8f79f741

Scrolling will be smooth (sub-pixel), and I'll be shooting for the game to run at 60fps. I'm not sure yet if I want to use a fixed time step for game logic & variable rendering with interpolation or if I should just shoot for a full fixed 60 and drop to 30 if it can't keep up like handmade hero.

DJ Omnimaga

I am ok with different frame rate as long as gameplay speed won't vary based on computwr performance like Visual Basic games. :P

Maybe make 60 fps an optional maximum for people who want to save on power?

岩倉 澪

I'll probably give the player the option to toggle vsync, not so sure about letting them control framerate with vsync off though.

Mocked up a tile today and played around with it a bit, I am going to need to do some depth based shading, otherwise different heights blend together

DJ Omnimaga

For some reasons, all those squares and the graphical style reminded me a bit of Kirby's Dream Course (or Kirby Bowl in Japan) :P

Looks nice, though :). Could use some depth shading indeed so we can distinguish each platform from the others when lower/higher.


It looks a bit like Kenney (from opengameart)'s art.
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Duke "Tape" Eiyeron

'Asset Jesus', you meant! Yeah I had the same feeling too. THat's funny to see that it's a good inspiration source!

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