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This contest's topic is animation/animating, especially of the 8-bit variety. To be eligible for a prize, you must make a program or create an IRL creation that involves animation/animating, and topic showing your progress, with the "[UCC2]" tag in the title
The contest will end on October 14 at 11:59:59 EDT (hopefully on-time). No late entries will be accepted.

If you choose to make an IRL creation, you might want to create a video describing your project and its features.

If you choose to make a program, for any platform/language, you cannot release source until after the contest, to avoid plagiarism.

*keep your entry SFW, please*

Note: due to the laws of the universe, it is not possible to contribute an entry if you are dead. Sorry.

You will be judged on these criteria, although your entry can be penalized at the discretion of the judges, to some extent:
- overall project detail and completeness, including functionality and design.
- interaction with other users, including the reception and distribution of feedback.
- overall ingenuity.
- number of walruses involved (just kidding, this will not affect your score)
Contest judges (i.e. me, but you can request to be one if you have over 100 posts, just ask in this thread. Only 2 more judges will be accepted.) are not allowed to participate, and cannot win prizes.

As for prizes, printable walrus "diplomas" will be issued to the top three winners, signed by the contest judges under their usernames. (If you are accepted as a judge, PM me a pic of your signature, signing as your username)

(click to show/hide)Neither myself; the contest judges; the CodeWalrus site, admins and users; or contest participants are liable for any damage or legal s*** you come up with
The opinions expressed by the judges in the choosing of a winner may not represent the entire views of the CodeWalrus community or admins.
All decisions are final
Have fun!

If you have any questions about this do not be afraid to ask in this thread!

Previous winners:
(click to show/hide)[ucc1: weather]
1: Juju + kotu
2: -
3: -

Jarren Long:
Sounds like fun, I'll take a crack at it. Got an idea for an animation project I've been too lazy to do, but this should be some good motivation to get it done.

Ah dammit, I got nearly the same idea as you.


--- Quote from: Juju on September 14, 2017, 05:50:09 pm ---Ah dammit, I got nearly the same idea as you.

--- End quote ---

You could always do the same thing, if you think you could do it better.

I intentionally left that part of the rules blank (though the initial person will get bonus points for ingenuity)

Jarren Long:
Do it JuJu! If we both end up with something cool, we could always smash them together to make something even neater..


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