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Secret of Mana remake next year

Started by DJ Omnimaga, August 25, 2017, 06:57:28 pm

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DJ Omnimaga



I hope they keep the co-op multiplayer intact because this  will be epic


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DJ Omnimaga

Me too, even if the graphics look like a PS2 game (after all, we have been waiting for this (and a Chrono Trigger remake) ever since the PS2 came out, so it's not too bad I guess). My favorite part is that the game appears to not only have kept the co-op multiplayer mode intact, but is also only $50 in Canadian dollars (since it's 33 euros in Europe). I heard that the multiplayer mode will be local, meaning you can play on the same console, but there will also be an online multiplayer co-op mode.

DJ Omnimaga

I just got this, but for PC rather than PS4/PSVita. I like it so far, although the Potos village music isn't as good as the original. Also they forgot to add options to change gamepad control mapping. >.<

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