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Portal login out of service. Use CW navigation bar login link to sign-in for no.

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 26, 2017, 05:55:31 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

We are aware that a number of people (if not everyone) had issues logging in directly from the front page portal. A session timeout error will happen. I thought this was only an issue on ganjahusky's laptop for the last two months or so, until a few minutes ago when @PT_ reported the same problem and the fact I had it happen when I last tried using the portal to login from my own PC.

It's unclear when the issue started, but it's most likely related to the SMF 2.0.13->2.0.14 upgrade a while ago or other things.

For the time being, we recommend everyone to login by using the "login" link in the site navigation bar, which additionally gives you the option to login by using various social networks if you want to (note that social login will log you out after every session, though).

Also note that we are not planning to continue using Simplemachines software if we remain open, due to them using Sears Canada as a blueprint to grow their userbase and the various issues we've been running into in the last few months. CW also currently doesn't have any active staff. As a result, until an upgrade (if any) is decided, it might take a while before the front page login gets fixed (or terminated).


I also have a problem where if I am logged in on my phone, and I want to login on my Mac (and vice versa), I have to login through Google+ which is a pain, and it logs me out on my other devices.

Otherwise, I get a message saying "your last post was less than 5 seconds ago, slow down!"

This happens both when I use the login page and the portal.
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DJ Omnimaga

That's weird. This SMF install is definitively falling apart. I hope other softwares got social login plugins (not just Facebook and preferably something else that TI-Planet doesn't use because the Facebook plugin they use is unreliable >.<)


Yeah, when I login on another computer, it logs me out on the other, if I manage to log in in the first place because half of the time it just says my session timed out. Kinda weird.
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DJ Omnimaga

Strange, I never had this issue, but again this and my phone are the only devices on which I have the autologin box checked.

EDIT: Portal block has been replaced with just buttons leading to the regular login/register pages.

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