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"A Chance" Bakura x Yugi (Yaoi fanfic) [NSFW]

Started by gameblabla, July 18, 2017, 04:07:57 am

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July 18, 2017, 04:07:57 am Last Edit: March 09, 2019, 09:56:26 pm by Juju
I was looking for some Bakura norp and i stumbled upon 2 pictures along with a roleplay, as he calls it.
[EDIT (Juju, 2019/3/9): Redacted, as the original poster contacted us and wished to remain anonymous.]
He has since given up on writing fanfics.
His old website where the fanfic was hosted, geocites, is now gone since 2009 as you may already know.
Not everything on his website was saved sadly.

He has posted the first chapter on Hentai-Foundry though.
Enjoy !

Chapter 1 - A chance

Bakura sat by himself, at a table in the arcade, watching Ryou, to make sure nothing happened to him. He was very protective of the boy, who was currently playing an racing game with Yugi and Joey. Tristan was at a grabbing machine, trying to win a plushy for Serenity. Téa was with Serenity, watching him, and offering encouragement. Bakura snorted and turned back to watching over Ryou. Something was missing, he decided. After another quick survey of who all was there, he realized exactly what was missing. Or rather, WHO.

"Good riddance." Bakura muttered, picking up his glass of lemonade and taking a gulp.

"What's that?" Malik asked behind Bakura, almost causing him to choke. Bakura turned and glared. "Sorry." Malik said sheepishly. "Mind if I sit here?" He pointed to an empty seat opposite Bakura. Bakura growled slightly, but didn't actually protest, so Malik sat down. "I want to talk to you." Malik explained.

"No." Bakura said.

"Just for a few minutes?" Malik pleaded.

"I know what you want, and my answer is no, Malik." Bakura snapped.

"But... it's not really your decision to make." Malik commented.

"So?" Bakura snapped. "You go near Ryou, Malik, and I'll cut you open and bleed you like a pig. You got that?"

Malik blinked. "That's a little harsh, ain't it?" He asked. Bakura glared at him. "Aww, come on Bakura. Give me a chance. Please? I swear to you, that I will never hurt Ryou in any way. Ever. And if I do, you can do whatever you want to me, and I won't protest."


"That's harsh."

"I don't care. I told you. No."

"I'll do whatever it takes!" Malik persisted desperately. "At least think about it."

"Okay." Bakura replied. "Hmmm, thought about it. And my answer is still no."

Malik looked away momentarily, then turned back, and stood up hitting the table with his fists as he did. "You know, it's because you're such an asshole to everyone that you're completely alone!" He spat angrily. "And whoever it is you were thinking about just before I came over, I bet it's that reason that you don't have them." Malik then stormed outside, before jamming his motorcycle helmet on, and getting on his bike, leaving without a backwards glance.


Bakura gaped after the blond haired boy. His words might as well have been a hard slap across the face. They certainly stung like one. Bakura pushed his glass away, and stood up to follow Malik, rushing out the door at top speed. He's give Malik a chance, but only if he took back what he had just said.

Bakura hadn't counted on someone being in his path. Someone smaller, and physically weaker than himself. Smashing into this person, the instant he left the building, he stumbled, while they fell completely. Looking around, he knew he was too late to speak with Malik. He'd speak with the boy later then, he decided. Turning to see who he'd crashed into, Bakura's gaze met with a crimson glare. The pharaoh himself. Ahtimu, or Yami, as his friends called him. Bakura turned away without a comment, and looked around. "Bloody tomb-keeper." He growled before walking back inside, letting Ahtimu pick himself up and do whatever he wanted.

And Ahtimu did just that. He followed Bakura in, and stood in front of him, arms crossed, glaring, after Bakura had sat down again.

"What do you want?" Bakura muttered, not really up for a fight.

"An apology would be nice, but I doubt it's in your vocabulary." Ahtimu replied. He knew how to break his fall, but Bakura had knocked him down with quite a bit of force. As a result, Ahtimu's elbow was grazed, bleeding, and would probably bruise.

"Sorry. Didn't see you." Bakura shrugged. "I was a little preoccupied."

"What?" Ahtimu gasped.

"Don't bother. You wanted an apology, and you got one. So leave it." Bakura muttered.

"I didn't expect one though." Ahtimu replied. Bakura shrugged, and looked away. He turned his attention back to Ryou, and made no further eye contact with Ahtimu. Seeing the conversation was over, Ahtimu sighed. "Watch where you're going next time." He said, then turned and walked away, heading toward his friends. "Or one of these days you're going to run into someone bigger, and YOU'LL be the one on the ground." Ahtimu turned his arm and tried to see the damage, but gave up and resorted to ignoring it.

"Hey, Yami! What kept you?" Joey called up from his race against Yugi and Ryou.

"Speaking with an old friend." Ahtimu replied over the volume of the arcade machines.

"Oh! Yami! You're bleeding!" Téa exclaimed suddenly. "Here. Let me see." She said, and had a look at his arm. "We'll have to clean this, there's gravel in it. How'd you do this?"

"Doesn't matter. I'm fine." Ahtimu replied.


Bakura narrowed his eyes as Téa examined Ahtimu's elbow. He felt a pang of guilt, that he had been the one who had hurt Ahtimu. He had promised himself he would never hurt the boy again, after Malik had brought them both back from the afterlife. Malik had, since then, been forbidden to go anywhere near the family scrolls containing spells. But that had nothing to do with Bakura. What did, however, as far as he was concerned, was the fact that Ryou was walking to the men's toilets with Ahtimu right now.

Bakura got up, and followed, closing the door quietly behind him, and listening to what was being said, before turning the corner to, undoubtedly, make his presence known.

"How did you manage this, Ahtimu?" Ryou asked, as he dabbed Ahtimu's elbow with some soaked tissue, the cold tap running behind him.

Ahtimu shrugged. "Fell."

Ryou gave him a sceptical look, before getting some clean tissue, chucking the red ones into the bin first. Bakura stepped around the corner, and beat Ryou to the clean tissues. "I'll do it." He said firmly. "You go and have fun." Bakura c***ed his head toward the door. He didn't like Ryou being out of his sight, but figured his friends would protect him if anything were to happen. "My fault anyway." He muttered, and Ryou nodded, understandingly, and left. Bakura walked over to Ahtimu, who had simply been regarding the whole situation. "It'll make it easier if you hold still, and keep your arm there, like that." Bakura said, positioning Ahtimu's arm.

Ahtimu watched curiously as Bakura carefully cleaned the wound. "I can clean it myself, you know." He commented.

"No, you can attempt to. But you might miss some gravel and make it worse as you can't see what you're doing of properly." Bakura replied. He looked it over once he was done. "That should be it."

"Thanks." Ahtimu said, straightening his arm again. Ahtimu looked up, and noted how close Bakura was, furthermore, Bakura was staring at him. Ahtimu began to feel embarrassed. "What?" He asked.

"Nothing." Bakura replied.

"Then... why are you staring at me?" Ahtimu asked.

Bakura shrugged. "Felt like it." He moved closer, and dipped his head closer, so that their lips were only millimetres apart. He paused, giving Ahtimu some time to decide whether or not to move away. "Do you think I'm an asshole?" Bakura asked quietly, to make sure Ahtimu was still with him.

"...Sometimes." Ahtimu replied, quietly. Was Bakura really about to kiss him? Or was it some sort of trick?

"Right now?" Bakura asked. "Am I being an asshole right now?"

"No..." Ahtimu replied, frowning in confusion.

Bakura closed the gap, pressing his lips against Ahtimu's, and reaching up one hand to gently brush Ahtimu's cheek before resting it at the back of Ahtimu's head. His other arm snaking it's way around Ahtimu's waist, and pulling him close, but being sure not to hold Ahtimu too tightly. He wanted Ahtimu, and had done so for some time. But he wasn't going to force Ahtimu into anything he didn't want to do. So Bakura had to make sure Ahtimu had an easy escape route.

Receiving no resistance whatsoever, Bakura moved to the next step, and gently ran his tongue over Ahtimu's bottom lip, asking for entry. At first, he thought Ahtimu wouldn't allow him, as he hadn't responded. But just as Bakura was about to pull away, Ahtimu parted his lips. Bakura slipped his tongue into Ahtimu's mouth, and began to explore it, tasting every inch. A soft moan was his reward, and it made Bakura all the more eager. Bakura broke the kiss for air, then he removed the choker around Ahtimu's neck and began sucking on his neck, nipping with his teeth from time to time before soothing it with his tongue again. Instead of discarding the choker, Bakura had slipped it into his pocket. Ahtimu continued to offer no resistance, his glazed eyes half lidded, and his breathing ragged.

"Tell me to stop and I will." Bakura whispered, pulling them into the Shadow Realm, and gently pushing Ahtimu down, straddling his waist, and continuing to ravage his neck. He puller the bottom of Ahtimu's vest up, and broke away to remove it, before returning to his task of marking Ahtimu's neck. Once satisfied with that, Bakura moved to Ahtimu's nipples, nipping with his teeth, and soothing with his tongue. Ahtimu gasped, and continued to moan at Bakura actions. Bakura shifted, and removed Ahtimu's pants, boxers, socks and shoes, dropping them to his side, and then moved back to Ahtimu's nipples, while he removed his own clothing.

Once naked, Bakura kissed his way down Ahtimu's body, dipping his tongue in Ahtimu's naval, before continuing on. He looked at Ahtimu's face, to make sure Ahtimu was okay, then, satisfied that Ahtimu had no problems with this, took Ahtimu's member in his mouth. Ahtimu gasped loudly, sitting up slightly, before lying back down. "Oh...Gods..." He muttered, gasping for breath. Bakura chuckled, causing a slight vibration around Ahtimu's member, and caused Ahtimu to moan again. Bakura worked his tongue around Ahtimu's penis first, being tortuously gentle, and bobbing his head as he worked up and down it, until Ahtimu's hands reached to his head, entangling themselves in his hair. Bakura then deep throated Ahtimu, and began to suck hard, holding Ahtimu's hips in place, while Ahtimu moaned and writhed, sweat beginning to coat his body. Ahtimu screamed as he released, and Bakura swallowed a lot of it, before pulling back. Ahtimu's hands were now by his head, and his chest heaving, as he came down off his high, his cheeks flushed.

"Do you want me to stop?" Bakura asked, his voice ragged. His c*** strained for attention, but he ignored it for now. Ahtimu shook his head slowly. Bakura wiped up some of the cum, with his hand, and coated three of his fingers with it. He then used one hand to part Ahtimu's thighs, before pushing one finger into Ahtimu's hole slowly. Ahtimu gasped, clenching his eyes shut, and gritting his teeth. Bakura watched him calmly. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" He asked. Ahtimu nodded. "Then you need to relax, Ahtimu. Or it'll hurt like hell. I'm not going to lie to you, it'll hurt anyway. But if you relax, it'll be less painful." Ahtimu nodded, and took a few breaths, forcing himself to relax. "Good. Remember, we can stop any time. You just let me know. Alright?" Ahtimu nodded. Bakura returned the gesture, before slowly moving his finger in and out, to stretch Ahtimu first.

Ahtimu gasped as Bakura's finger brushed his prostrate. Bakura stopped, and looked at him. "No... Keep going..." Ahtimu moaned, frustrated. Bakura grinned, and pulled his finger back a bit, before adding the second. Slowly moving them about, and brushing Ahtimu's prostrate again, getting a loud moan out of Ahtimu, before he began scissoring them. Bakura entered a third finger, and finished up stretching Ahtimu, while he used the other hand to work himself, pumping his own member, coating it in Ahtimu's cum.

"How do you want to be taken, Ahtimu? Do you want to be facing me? Or on your knees?" Bakura asked, after releasing his member. He slowly pulled his fingers out of Ahtimu's rear. "It'll hurt less on your knees." Ahtimu nodded, and shifted, so he was on his hands and knees. "I'll be gentle." Bakura told him, softly kissing his shoulder, as he moved into position, and eased himself in slowly. Once sheathed, he stopped. "Let me know when you're ready for me to move." He said, reaching around, and taking Ahtimu's member in his hand, pumping it a few times, to make Ahtimu hard again. Bakura let go, and then held Ahtimu by the hips, to make sure he didn't hurt himself, and waited for Ahtimu to adjust. He couldn't believe how easy it had been to get here. Ahtimu had offered absolutely no resistance to his advances. He wondered why he hadn't made his move sooner. But it didn't matter, he supposed. Ahtimu suddenly moved against him. "You ready?" Bakura asked. Ahtimu nodded. "Alright then." Bakura replied, before slowly pulling out, and pushing back in again, setting a slow and gentle pace, so he wouldn't hurt Ahtimu too much. He wanted to do this again, but if he was going to, he'd have to be gentle. Or Ahtimu wouldn't want him near. He began shifting his angle, trying to find that one special spot, and when Ahtimu cried out in pleasure, Bakura knew he had succeeded. So he aimed for that one spot continuously.

NSFW: ShowHide

Ahtimu clawed at the ground, moaning. It had been so painful at first, he didn't know how he was going to handle it. But he had been determined to see it through. And then Bakura had found his prostrate again, and Ahtimu forgot all about the pain. Bakura continued to hit it, but Ahtimu wanted it more. "Bakura..." He gasped. "Faster..."

Bakura nodded, then picked up the pace, as sweat began to cover his own body, and his breath became ragged. "More?" He rasped, and Ahtimu nodded. Bakura thrust in a little harder, hitting Ahtimu's sweet spot dead on, and causing him to cry out louder. Bakura continued at it, obeying every plea for more that Ahtimu made, then reached around, taking Ahtimu's member in his hand again, and pumping it in time with his thrusts. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was maddening, and Bakura could feel his release approaching. Feeling Ahtimu's body stiffen beneath him, and tighten around his c***, almost drove Bakura over the edge as Ahtimu released into his hand, screaming Bakura's name. Ahtimu's arms gave way, and he kept himself up with his elbows. Bakura let go of Ahtimu's c***, and once again gripped his hips, thrusting harder and faster, to get his own release. When it came, he screamed out Ahtimu's name, then collapsed over him, as he regained his breath.

Bakura pulled out, and sat down, pulling Ahtimu lose to him, nuzzling his neck a little. "Felt like it?" Ahtimu asked suddenly.

"f***, yeah." Bakura replied, laughing a little. "Gods you were tight. First time?"

"Yeah." Ahtimu replied.

Bakura blinked at that. "Why me?" He asked. "Why give your virginity to me? You could have stopped me at any time, and I would have listened."

"Why were you so keen to take me?" Ahtimu asked.

"What the hell? I've been attracted to you for some time. That's why." Bakura replied. Ahtimu turned and gave Bakura a pointed look. Bakura grinned, understanding completely, then leaned in and kissed Ahtimu soundly.


A week later, four boys walked into a restaurant together. Bakura kept Yami close, with an arm around his waist, and watched Malik with Ryou, in front of them, like a hawk. "You said it was a double date." Malik said suddenly. "But you just wanted to keep an eye on me."

"I told you, I'm giving you a chance." Bakura replied. "You'll have your privacy IF and WHEN I trust you. Not before."


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