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The end of CodeWalrus?

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 15, 2017, 11:42:11 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

UPDATE: Codewalrus will remain open for the time being. The remaining staff will decide what happens to the site at a later date, depending of if people are interested in continuing posting on a site that will soon average at 50 posts a month. With the stress yesterday there is simply no way a full site revamp can be attempted at the time, and it seems that there are people who are ok to support CW even if it drops to Omnimaga levels of activity, so we'll see in a few months (it looks like a software change is inevitable, though, given the bugs I've noticed lately).

However, thanks to certain community members I will not name, but the unnecessary stress they added or tried to add on top of the one caused by those life-related things are basically forcing me out of CodeWalrus now. I was forced to stop working in real life as a result of said stress and the reduction in drama over the last few months somehow allowed me to remain active and staff, but now I'm afraid this will no longer be the case, at least for the foreseeable future. I will try to continue saying doing the occasional forum post and say hi on WalrusIRC while my life settles itself (which will take months) but all of this will depend of if the environment around CodeWalrus gets too toxic for my tastes or not (basically, my activity on CodeWalrus will essentially be like it was on Cemetech from 2010 to 2016).

Because the site currently no longer has any active staff and due to the issues our current staff policies have caused in the last 2.5 years, we will now have to hire new ones and change the current staff policies (most likely reduce the minimum posting requirements to 2 on forums and 3 on IRC every month instead of 10 on the forums, while adding a veto power to the founding staff). Streetwalrus and aeTIos will not be allowed back in the team.


July 16, 2017, 06:04:46 pm #16 Last Edit: July 16, 2017, 06:10:12 pm by DarkestEx
I'd volunteer to do some stuff work to keep CW alive if desired ;)

Also I will offer hosting on my server, if you can't keep paying the bills. Just the webspace, not the domain though.


Also, sorry for having somewhat left CW for a few months/weeks. KI'll try too keep the posts number way above 50 posts tho :D


July 16, 2017, 07:10:13 pm #18 Last Edit: July 16, 2017, 10:06:52 pm by critor
Codewalrus is a great place, and I hope it can go on living by itself. :)

To help with the activity, I can take care of the news, like I do on TI-Planet and
I'll just need the admins rules about the news if any, like on

But should a 'merge' occur, we'll do our best to both make Codewalrus go on living, and respect its spirit and all members - so that they'll go on feeling at home. :)


These are the options that I would prefer:
-Merge with another forum, but preserve basically everything. I absolutely love :walrii:.
-Add more ads. I would definitely support this if it meant that CW could maintain itself a little more.
-Perhaps add some more perks to the CW supporter thingie so that it is more inticing for people to buy.

I also would not reject sending money via post to support CW anonymously.

We have a great community here.
Please spam here:

"walruses are better than tuxedo chickens, all hail the great :walrii:" ~ me
Evolution of my avatar:


When I say 'merge', it doesn't imply Codewalrus will be 'eaten' by another forum.
The domain may go on existing, with new admins and different people paying for it - that's all.

Nothing is decided / out of question / final.

It's just that this has been called a 'merge' in previous posts.

It's up to Codewalrus admins and members to tell what they'd like. :)


Anyways yeah, CW is a great place that has already helped me, and I will never let it down. Think about it, we are also playing the future of the calc community. If we don't keep thatg up, in 2019 the only active forum boards will be TI-Planet and Cemetech. We are curently at 15,000 posts each/year, with the three boards having a decrease ion activity on their forums.

TI-Planet can still rely on MviewerGX and the chat though. Cemetech has SourceCoder to drain traffic, but CW has nothing of that and we must do all we can to keep it alive!


July 16, 2017, 10:59:53 pm #22 Last Edit: July 16, 2017, 11:01:53 pm by DarkestEx
Again, I am offering you ad-free hosting for as long as you need and I can provide it.
Some minor things may change then (mostly legal things since we are moving the server location to Frankfurt, DE), but most would stay the same.
But again, it's an offer if everything fails ;)

I guess the only two things that would be affected is any type of file sharing and WalrusIRC may need to be turned into OmnomIRC.

Caleb Hansberry

I'm willing to be a moderator/admin, but I don't have any knowledge of how forum software or domains work, and I only have a few minutes free per day, though I hope that changes before too long (two jobs right now).

However, while I do think this is an excellent forum, and it's great for supporting certain kinds of people, I need to know why we lose so many admins - I'm not willing to take over the place of someone who was fired if, for example, Juju were causing the problem with the forum politics. Of course thats not the case, but I think it may need to be discussed, at least, it would if I were to take over.


July 17, 2017, 02:27:54 am #24 Last Edit: July 17, 2017, 02:43:10 am by gameblabla
Quote from: Caleb Hansberry on July 17, 2017, 01:36:09 am
However, while I do think this is an excellent forum, and it's great for supporting certain kinds of people, I need to know why we lose so many admins - I'm not willing to take over the place of someone who was fired if, for example, Juju were causing the problem with the forum politics. Of course thats not the case, but I think it may need to be discussed, at least, it would if I were to take over.

c4ooo told me to look at the logs, and now i know why all of this happened :
Spoiler: ShowHide
<l|> <Streetwalrus> if we change forum software it will be something simple and traditional
<l|> <Streetwalrus> fluxbb seems to be a good contender
<l|> <Streetwalrus> or roll our own
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I would like to, considering everything is php
<I|> <c4ooo> hmm with imgui i cant interact with my window background once the lib is initialized :V
<I|> <Juju> hi
<l|> <Streetwalrus> wut
<l|> <Streetwalrus> hi juju
<I|> <Juju> is hot outside
<I|> <Juju> there was another Voivod show this morning and I still feel sleepy lol
<I|> <xlibman> hi yeah i guessed it was them. Knockout said there was a show with people from jonquiere at 1 PM when I woke up at 12:50 PM
<I|> <xlibman> and i figured it must have been voivod lol
<I|> <xlibman> streetwalrus the issue with traditional is that nobody cares about traditional anymore. It really has to at least offer something modern even if optional
<I|> <xlibman> i kind of see it with people i met irl who happens to be nerds and stuff
<l|> <Streetwalrus> all of our members would disagree
<I|> <xlibman> yeah true
<I|> <xlibman> but we have to take in account new members too
<I|> <xlibman> unless you dont really care about new members
<I|> <xlibman> in any case the new system will not be fluxbb unless it offers Facebook features
<l|> <Streetwalrus> the format is part of our formula and why people like it here
<I|> <xlibman> i was thinking more PhpBB 3.1x, which does
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I don't want to turn cw into a small Facebook
<l|> <aeTIos> Facebook features?
<l|> <aeTIos> f*** no
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos 1) new posts page as the default page, 2) notifications in the navbar about new replies to your post (not being forced to check Gmail nor the topics)
<I|> <xlibman> 3) by default page i mean replacing the board index and making the board index secondary
<l|> <aeTIos> that sounds super awfup
<l|> <Streetwalrus> 1) sounds reasonable but we need to keep a balance
<I|> <xlibman> it's not. You guys just hate social medias
<l|> <Streetwalrus> 2) live notifications are fine in wirc
<l|> <aeTIos> Yeah because they end up being super crappy
<l|> <Streetwalrus> yes we do
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos we dont have to make cw crappy either
<I|> <xlibman> we just can't go the sears route
<l|> <aeTIos> People like our current layout
<I|> <xlibman> and anyone who forces me to keep CodeWalrus in Sears mode will be booted from the team
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I'm not opposed to modernizing
<l|> <Streetwalrus> but we'll have to carefully think things through to make it nice
<I|> <xlibman> Streetwalrus maybe you aren't opposed fully but it seems aeTIos is
<I|> <xlibman> and anyone opposed to modernizing the site shall not be in the team IMHO
<l|> <Streetwalrus> you will stop threatening us now or you will be the one booted out of staff
<l|> <aeTIos> lol this
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I'm sick of this s***
<l|> <Streetwalrus> bbl
<I|> <xlibman> Streetwalrus juju have my back
<I|> <xlibman> if you do anything he can reverse anything since he's the only one with access to the billing
<I|> <Juju> Guys, stop complaining and do something.
<I|> <c4ooo> if you  want facebook features then create a facebook CW page?
<I|> <Juju> as in
<I|> <xlibman> c4ooo if we die entirely that's the most likely scenario but given that wont happen until like 3-4 years i doubt it
<I|> <Juju> lay ddown what feeature we want exactly and whichones makes the most sense
<I|> <xlibman> by then, Facebook will delete all pages again then 3 years later revive the feature, just like they did in 2007-09
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I'm just tired of DJ's episodes and constant threats
<I|> <xlibman> Streetwalrus I stopped caring over 1.5 years ago
<l|> <Streetwalrus> if I have to deal with any more of it then I will leave myself
<l|> <Streetwalrus> that's all
<I|> <Juju> by Facebook features, we definitely don't want all of them, but somee inspired from it
<I|> <xlibman> i knew it would continue but in diminished frequency so i figured f*** it
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I don't want cw to go under but you are the primary source of trouble around here DJ, it's nothing personal, but it's the truth
<I|> <xlibman> streetwalrus i spent 3 years trying to explain how cw could be improved
<I|> <xlibman> well then fine if i am the main source of trouble
<l|> <Streetwalrus> if I can't do what I think is right then I'm done
<I|> <xlibman> then farewell guys
<l|> <Streetwalrus> that's all
<I|> <Juju> Guys pls
<I|> <xlibman> streetwlarus you just don't want to accept anyone else's opinion and wants to be the boss, just like Eeems
<I|> <Juju> I don't really have time to deal with this today
<I|> <c4ooo> if you want to suggest a feature then do so, and have people vote on it
<I|> <Juju> yup
<I|> * Juju pokes xlib on fabook--
<I|> <xlibman> i know I have troubles keeping up with changes myself eg notice how it has been ages since I last updated the site, but there's a fine line between not doing much and outright permanent statu quo
<l|> <aeTIos> xlibman tbh if it seems like anyone wants to be the boss and not accepting opinions its you rn
<I|> <xlibman> Again, I direct you to Sears
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos I spent 3 years explaining my view and why i think it would be better
<l|> <aeTIos> I express my opinion against a Facebook style layout and you just threaten me with a demotion
<I|> <Juju> misunderstandings, again
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos where were you in the last two years?
<I|> <xlibman> er
<l|> <aeTIos> And I don't know what sears is
<I|> <xlibman> late 2015-late 2016
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos if you ignored two years of posts and telegram messages of me explaining my point of view then that's not my problem
<I|> <Juju> sears is a failing shopping ceentree chain
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos Sears is a company that operates several hundreds of department stores in Canada
<I|> <xlibman> They refused to modernize for the last two decades
<l|> <aeTIos> I don't know them but that is not the point
<I|> <xlibman> Now they're about two months or so away from bankruptcy
<I|> <xlibman> because they refused to adapt to the changing mentalities and stuff
<I|> <xlibman> so everyone stopped going shoping there
<l|> <aeTIos> I think we are doing fine and I am open to ideas for new layouts but I dont want cw to turn into generic social media #23857
<I|> <xlibman> kinda like Myspace
<I|> <c4ooo> its a forum
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos then earlier when you replied it sounded like you were against 100% of ideas about modernizing
<I|> <p4nix> what is this about?
<I|> <c4ooo> a forum can have social media like features but its not a social media site
<I|> <xlibman> even adding notifications
<I|> <p4nix> Updating the theme or the core functionality?
<I|> <xlibman> c4ooo i don't want to turn cw into a full social media site
<I|> <c4ooo> notifications are good
<l|> <aeTIos> Well I think we are pretty modern as is
<I|> <xlibman> nah we aren't
<I|> <Juju> Yeah, we'll definitely change things, but if everyon agrs one eesomething
<I|> <Juju> if everyone agrees
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos let's face it. Aspergers have serious issues with changes. I do myself. But not everyone is asperger
<I|> <xlibman> and at one point we kinda have no choice but to accept some changes
<I|> <c4ooo> i say add notifications, but i dont like the idea of a "feed" where you see latest posts
<l|> <aeTIos> If there are good ideas I want to hear them but I dont think we need a spanking shiny responsive layout is integral to improving the site
<I|> <Juju> xlib but yeah, we ain't changing a thing if no one agrees on it
<I|> <xlibman> and just because half of our staff in the last three years had any form of autism doesn'T mean we should force our entire userbase to use something that has been outdated for 13 years
<I|> <xlibman> c4ooo i still think it should be a feature somewhere, with the ability to set it as default page (cookies, for example)
<l|> <aeTIos> what am I even arguing with
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos i think you arent even bothering reading what I say
critor has joined the channel
<I|> <xlibman> i just explained everything to no avail, I am right?
<I|> <xlibman> am I right*
<I|> <xlibman> well, see, I am done, then
<l|> <aeTIos> I am reading what you're saying
<I|> <xlibman> no
<l|> <aeTIos> Don't just assume that I don't
<I|> <Juju> let's open a thread about it
<I|> <Juju> again
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos and streetwalrus have fun restoring the latest backup now. You have done enough s*** to try to make me feel mad
<I|> <xlibman> juju DON'T DO ANYTHING
<I|> <xlibman> this time
<I|> <xlibman> f*** them
<I|> <c4ooo> lmfao
<I|> <Juju> ahhh dammit
<l|> <aeTIos> Alright enjoy deleting the db again
<l|> <aeTIos> (Sticker, 512x500)
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos it's already done
<l|> <Streetwalrus> I'm done with cw
<l|> <aeTIos> cool
<l|> <Streetwalrus> f*** you DJ
<I|> <Juju> xlib don't do that
<I|> <xlibman> goodbye
<l|> <Streetwalrus> bye
<I|> <p4nix> bye Streetwalrus
<l|> <aeTIos> I'm not restoring it just to humour you
<l|> <aeTIos> so I guess this is the end of cw
<I|> <xlibman> doi as you wish. You and Streetwalrus were the boss here
<I|> <c4ooo> users dont agree with you?
<I|> <c4ooo> time to deleat db i guess
<I|> <xlibman> c4ooo agree or disagree, it doesn't matter
<I|> <xlibman> I could do NOTHING
<I|> <xlibman> anything I did on CW was met with reprimand
<I|> <xlibman> notice how I hardly did any update in the last year or soZ?
<I|> <xlibman> I stopped newsing about new calc games and programming anything over a year ago too
<I|> <xlibman> well this is not just because of my life changes
<I|> <xlibman> it's because I was not allowed to do anything as staff
<I|> <xlibman> and i was reluctant to do anything else because of fear of being reprimanded
<I|> <xlibman> and nobody cared about news anyway
<l|> <p4nix> well, actually you were able to delete the db so you could do something
<l|> <p4nix> technically
<I|> <xlibman> p4nix without being reprimanded, no
<l|> <aeTIos> I'm not reprimanding you
<I|> <xlibman> and to be honest i had the same problem in real life too
<l|> <aeTIos> I'm just resigning
<I|> <xlibman> aeTIos I meant in the last three years
<l|> <aeTIos> I just asked juju to revoke my accesses
<I|> <xlibman> well the site is gone again so that wont happen until someone restores it but that's if it happens
<l|> <p4nix> I have nothing to do with your staff stuff, so I can't analyze the situation here
<I|> <xlibman> CW has been in stalemate for three years because of Streetwalrus/aeTIos and some of my stress and lack of actions are due to them
<I|> <Juju> I'm gonna rvoke everyone who want to
<l|> <p4nix> Anyway, deleting the db over some personal stuff doesn't seem like great problem solving... Especially since it affects users and this is a staff issue
<I|> <c4ooo> ^
<I|> <Juju> gonna be me and p2 for now on it seems
<l|> <aeTIos> juju see discord
<I|> <xlibman> i wante dto remain friends with street at the very least but over a year ago i finally realized it wouldn't work due to communication issues so we pretty much just became acquintances afterwards
<l|> <p4nix> But I won't judge you though
<I|> <xlibman> p4nix maybe not but they tried to make me delete the site. They know I would flip and blow up so now streetwalrus and aeTIos are using the Kerm tactic
<l|> <p4nix> xlibman I can't say anything about that
<I|> <xlibman> anyway, in case juju or whoever decides to restore the site again, aeTIos and streetwalrus are now on permanent /ignore along with kotu and alvajoy
<l|> <p4nix> R.I.P. Codewalrus I guess :E
<I|> <xlibman> well tbh
<I|> <xlibman> the last year plan was that if cw dropped under 1000 posts a month between september and june it would merge with another site and 600 for july or august. And my real life changes have pretty much made those numbers inevitable

Basically, DJ was considering switching to another solution like phpBB 3.2, Flarum etc...
Streetwalrus & aeTIos refused to change the forum, because they did not want to become like facebook.
DJ felt that the changes were necessary and he got tired of SMF, he further accused them of slowing down cw.
Eventually, DJ felt necessary to delete the db again out of anger. x_x
Due to streetwalrus regular backups however, not much was lost. (if anything)
Anyway after this "event", Streetwalrus & aeTIos resigned .
And for this reason, juju removed all admin rights to dj.

All of this actually started with Alvajoy123 irritating xlibman with stupid questions/useless s***.
It's the reason why Streetwalrus & aeTIos won't be coming back ever again.

Anyway, what happened was very stupid.

Can't we just tell aeTIos & Streetwalrus to go back to the good old times and pretend nothing happened ?

Caleb Hansberry

Oh that's stupid.

I love and care about everyone, including DJ, from a personal standpoint he's a creative and caring person and from a practical standpoint he's the founder of two comparatively popular sites and is a pillar of the community. To have him not be a part of Codewalrus is a problem, because this is the most inclusive community in this part of the internet and he should have a place here no matter what.

But getting angry and not being able to walk the common ground and understand another person's opinion - it doesn't matter how popular an opinion it is, what matters is that someone honestly cared about it - that's a problem. It takes a strong constitution and character to be a leader, because you need to be able to properly deal with anything that happens or anything anyone says.


Honestly, f*** Alvajoy. He should've been banned as soon as he threatened Mateo. Now because of a stupid 13-year old CW is in the s***te. It's sad that Streetwalrus and aeTIos resign, but I agree with Juju and xlibman, really. Also, what did kotu do?


Also, double post: There is a forum that I know and that has social media-like features, while staying essentially a forum, with news and a blog. It's GBATemp, me and @Hayleia are on it. It's based on Xenforo, but the latter is unfortunately paid :/ Tho, I'd advise anyone in the staff to create an account there to see what it's like. It's mainly about hacking, on the Switch/3DS/Wii U and PS Vita.


What kind of financial commitment does this site have? Happy to help out where I can.


I know I'm a bit of a lurker, but I'd be willing to boost my activity and join the team of staff. I have over four years in the community, and I'm a kind and rational person.
Calc Wars is still alive (I hope)

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