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Slowing the randomness section down

Started by Streetwalrus, June 23, 2017, 09:17:08 am

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Up until now, we have been approving pretty much every thread that has been submitted to the randomness section, despite our desire to keep its growth controlled. We have decided to start rejecting some threads in there, in an effort to keep the overall quality of the content posted on CW to a reasonable level.
Thanks for your understanding,
    - CW staff

DJ Omnimaga

Good move. I originally setup that board to require admin approval for every new topic for a reason, after all: To prevent this section from cluttering the new posts list and to keep its total activity ratio under 5% of the rest of the board


Yeah indeed. There are no fixed criteria, but fun and contained humor will still be approved, however pointless s***posting will be restricted to a minimum. We're also considering locking the latter threads after a while to minimize their proliferation.


Good move. If you want to s***post goto reddit/4chan/tumblr :V

DJ Omnimaga

Which reminds me, I think some of the junk topics should be combined together so that it's easier to find the actually decent (per randomness standards) randomness topics. Eg there was a staff suggestion to lock randomness topics after 2 months of use, but I think signs that you're addicted to CW or such thread could be exempt if they remain under control.


Quote from: c4ooo on June 23, 2017, 04:50:40 pm
Good move. If you want to s***post goto reddit/4chan/tumblr :V

Paging /r/Jontron
Calc Wars is still alive (I hope)


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