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[gLib][3d][z80][ez80] The complete screenshot collection

Started by TheMachine02, March 15, 2017, 08:43:23 pm

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Beware, there is a lot of them  :P Still need to grab those from omnimaga though  <_<

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U know what would be really cool? To redo all of those models with the current engine, just to see the speed improvements ^.^
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if you cant get a jframe set up, draw stuff to it, and receive input, i can only imagine how horrible your game code is _._   ~ c4ooo (14.11.2016 22:44:07)
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Very cool! :thumbsup:

But all those screenshots crashes my WinXP 4GB laptop. :-[
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Those are really cool! Rip my graphics card, though....
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Impressive work from what i've seen - is the development still on going?


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