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Dragon Warrior (-ish thing) CE

Started by Pieman7373, April 27, 2017, 07:39:07 am

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April 27, 2017, 07:39:07 am Last Edit: April 28, 2017, 02:00:43 am by Pieman7373
I recently got into using ICE (kudos to PT_ for making it!!!) and i have completed 1 game so far ( ) and i am about halfway done with an ICE port of my Basic game Box Game SE (i'll link that one as well, once i find it)
The important part:
I had the idea the other night to make a top-down rpg-type game inspired by Dragon Warrior (which is one of my all-time favorite NES games :w00t:) I am planning on using sprites borrowed from that game :P

Hopefully i will be able to not fail horribly at this  (i probably will though), because i would hate to disappoint anyone who would like this :)
I am hoping to maybe have a title screen (functioning or not) within the next few days :D

Also, my main project thread will be on Cemetech (the topic has the same name as on here) so hopefully I won't forget to cross-post :P

DJ Omnimaga

I can't wait to see your new games and what you will come up with for this. Just be warned that you will need to make a  password-based save system like in Capcom's SNES games, though, because ICE lacks save files support. :)


Yeah,  I realized that... :P
Also, I forgot how HUGE the map is :D
I have never gotten super far in the game, so I wouldn't know :w00t:

DJ Omnimaga

You doN't have to make a full Dragon Warrior clone, though. It could be a smaller-scale game with similar graphics to start with. Besides, in this day and age people don't like spending hours leveling up from 1 to 3 so you could perhaps also make your game less of a grinding fest than the original.


Yeah,  that's what I was thinking... I'm just using the graphics and stuff, but the game itself will be different  (because, yes, the grinding in the real game is incredibly painful)


As you can see, i have no collision detection yet, and only the first room, but i am pretty happy with myself :) :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

DJ Omnimaga



Another Screenshot:

Added rooms 3 and 4 (and the room number shows  in the top left :P ) And added the outermost boundaries in all of those rooms'
For anyone who hasnt played this game before, here is the complete map of the first town (Tantegel) here it is:

Quote from: PT_This looks really nice! The text is somewhat blurry, do you have the ability to change that or so? :)

That is because of my 128x120 sprite (that i scale x2)... i can have it be full sized, it would just take up way too much space, lmao


 :love: Keep it up! You seem to be making progress very fast and keep going!  :thumbsup:
I don't associate with associations


More progress, and i added the map

To-do List:
*Make a way to draw the 16x16 sprites on-calc (luv ya CalcMeister)
*Devise a method for drawing each screen and the transitions

*Add the whole map and each town (like 5-10% done)
*hardcode the boundaries for each screen (5% done)

*add menu options (accessed using the function buttons)
*add player stats and items
*add enemy encounters and fighting
*other stuff that i cant remember right now


Boy does this game look pretty. Too bad I can never play it on a calculator :^(
Regardless, this game is definitely coming along nicely.

Are you using the tilemap data separate from the collision box data?


Because of the limitations of the language I'm using, there is no collision box data 😂😂


:OOO OOh my! I'm going to guess the language doesn't have arrays?

That's going to be a lot of data to write. You better get a coffee on standby!


Smooth scrolling wouldn't hurt, the FPS are quite high :ninja:
Anyway, since this is a tile-ed game, it makes no sense not to use the tilemap as the collision map >_>

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