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New Dragonforce album and song

Started by DJ Omnimaga, April 13, 2017, 12:43:23 am

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DJ Omnimaga

Dragonforce definitively inspire themselves from old video games, especially since Ultra Beatdown. Here's their new song from their upcoming album. Notice the heavy Castlevania Simon's Quest influence at the beginning


can u give a reference to the Castlevania Simon's Quest for all those not knowing it? ^^

Also I think dragonforce was way better a few years ago (my spirit will go on, through the fire and flames, heart of a dragon, ...)
Their new songs sound like they try to introduce a new style while they still havent decided what that new style should be like... :/
Anyway war sucks. Just bring us your food instead of missiles  :P ~ DJ Omnimaga (11.10.2016 20:21:48)
if you cant get a jframe set up, draw stuff to it, and receive input, i can only imagine how horrible your game code is _._   ~ c4ooo (14.11.2016 22:44:07)
If they pull a Harambe on me tell my family I love them ~ u/Pwntear37d (AssangeWatch /r/)
make Walrii great again ~ DJ Omnimaga (28.11.2016 23:01:31)
God invented the pc, satan the smartphone I guess ~ p4nix (16.02.2017 22:51:49)

DJ Omnimaga

The beginning sounded like the intro of the first stage in Simons Quest.

As for their music, I like the latest album and the first ones, but not the Power Within album. At least their recent album went back to their old style.

DJ Omnimaga

Buy this album, please. It's amazing. And lol there is death metal in one of the songs. Midnight Madness and Hatred and Revenge gotta be some of my favorite tracks.

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