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EDIT 2018-07-22
I changed the name of the thread.
It was supposed to be a haha funny name,
but it seemed more like extreme self-centrism.
For the curious it was  "My very own art thread".

I don't have a tablet, sorry :^(
Just like you guys I like the occasional doodle,
and now I can share them with all of you :D

Of-course I don't only draw MOS in particular, it's just that my game and concepts are on my pc.

Hope you enjoyed! I'm not really an art guy, so don't expect depth or colour theories or weird-abstract things.

Ooooh, nice art :D

Thank you!
I try to do the best I can.

That art looka really well-done. I also like how you got both HQ and 8 bits style sprites for one of the characters.

Thanks, DJ!
I really love the different ways that things can be made; versatility.
8-bit is just art with restrictions ;^)


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