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Axe Nemesiat

Started by Switchblade, April 11, 2017, 12:37:31 am

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DJ Omnimaga

I like the layout more now :D and nice map. You should put water around the island instead of black tiles


Great idea.  I already have the water tile.  (Um... I copied it from RLO3  O.O)

Here is the second map:

DJ Omnimaga

I like the layout and tiles, especially in the dungeon :D


I have Axe Nemesiat on hold for a while - my calc reset and I havn't put the Nemesiat files back on it.  Instead, I am working on a all basic small font text editor.

DJ Omnimaga

That sucks. I hope you did not lose anything D:

Also the mini-map on the overworld map looks like a castle :P


Nope, I didn't lose a thing  :D

Is the castle look a bad thing?  :P

DJ Omnimaga

Nah it makes the game more RPG style :P


That sexy smooth scrolling in the first gif.


I like it! If you are still working on it, I have a graphics suggestion. I noticed that the player sprite erases the ground around it. I assume you use Pt-Off( to draw the player sprite. If you Pt-And( the inverted player sprite, and then Pt-On( the player sprite, there will be no clipping problems. For the inverted sprite, I would take the sprite then invert it and set all the pixels inside the character to white.
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Can you the same on the TI-84+CE
???  ???  ???
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DJ Omnimaga

With ICE Compiler (assuming the version with real vars support is already out) I am sure it's possible.

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