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Sneak Peek at Upcoming RPG

Started by Switchblade, April 08, 2017, 09:18:51 pm

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Since the folks here on Codwalrus helped me incorporate appvars into a axe program of mine, I thought they might like to see the result:

The map you see is only a demo.  I will be making a much larger map, as this one is only 5 x 1 (plus the insides of the two buildings).

DJ Omnimaga

Is this for Nemesiat or is it for a different RPG?


I was testing th tilemapping engine for what I originally intended to be an axe remake of RLO3, and now Nemesiat.  So, yeah, this is the same, just way different map. :)

DJ Omnimaga


Really nice  :) Do you plan to support more feature as animated tiles or other portal than screen bounds ?

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