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15th anniversary remixes of my 2002 songs (Neo 2017 now available!)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, April 08, 2017, 05:37:15 am

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Anyway war sucks. Just bring us your food instead of missiles  :P ~ DJ Omnimaga (11.10.2016 20:21:48)
if you cant get a jframe set up, draw stuff to it, and receive input, i can only imagine how horrible your game code is _._   ~ c4ooo (14.11.2016 22:44:07)
If they pull a Harambe on me tell my family I love them ~ u/Pwntear37d (AssangeWatch /r/)
make Walrii great again ~ DJ Omnimaga (28.11.2016 23:01:31)
God invented the pc, satan the smartphone I guess ~ p4nix (16.02.2017 22:51:49)

DJ Omnimaga

DJ Omnimaga

I'm afraid that New Beginning of the Ultimate End will come out a while later than I originally planned. I still hope for a release this year, though, or at least before my 2003 songs turns 15 years old themselves. You can always listen to what I got so far at , though. Sorry D:


Read Zarmina!
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DJ Omnimaga

Since this project iscanceled, I decided to include the 5 songs on the Hardcore Spectrum Disorder album. I thought they were fitting.

The 15th anniv cover art will be used for a greatest hits album

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