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The March 2017 CW Project Award survey is up. Vote now!

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Another busy calculator and non-calculator projects development month has ended and it's now time for the March 2017 Monthly CW Project Award poll! Out of the 28 active projects this month, 26 are eligible to participate again and are listed in the poll above or below:

(83+/84+) BigDecimal84
(83+/84+) Connect4
(83+/84+) Driller Knight
(83+/84+) Lazer 2
(83+/84+/CSE) Sorcery of Uvutu
(84+CSE/CE) Linux TI-BASIC Clone
(84+CSE/CE) Orbit84
(84+CSE/CE) Pure TI-BASIC Raycaster
(84+CE) ICE Compiler
(84+CE) Pirate Space Kitties
(84+CE) StopwatchCE
(84+CE) TI-Planet CE C Project Builder
(84+CE) Walrus Cheese Run
(89/89T) Jumpman 68K
(Nspire CX) gpSP-Nspire for HW-W
(Nspire CX) Kern Method
(Nspire CX) Puzzle15
(Casio) The P7 Project
(Multiplatform) Clouttery Battery Monitor
(PICO-8) Streamp8
(PC) Color Speedrun
(PC) MOS: Apocalypse
(PC) PalmOS Emulator
(PC) Superstar Hero
(PC) Walrus Kingdom
(Hardware) RPN-Calculator

As always, all entries are competing against each others, regardless of the platform. Have you spotted projects this month that you think are more notable in particular or that you liked in particular? Select six (6) options in the poll attached to this topic (requires 20 posts) then click Submit! And don't forget to visit each topic again to give authors encouragements and suggestions!

You have You have until April 12th to vote, so hurry up!

By the way, it would be nice if we got more than 11 different users voting this time around. We got 20 sometimes before. :P

Ranman voted!!   8)

Good luck to all developers :thumbsup:

ICE will win this poll, i'm sure of it.


--- Quote from: gameblabla on April 08, 2017, 09:20:23 pm ---ICE will win this poll, i'm sure of it.

--- End quote ---


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