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WalrusIRC - An OmnomIRC rewrite

Started by Juju, January 16, 2015, 08:14:10 am

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Yep, since they don't allow devs to write their own browser engines, everyone is force to use the built-in engine which sucks.


I guess they don't want apps that are better than the s***ty built-in apps :trollface:
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Yes. Otherwise they'd lose a few dollars. :trollface:

DJ Omnimaga

September 01, 2015, 02:40:49 am #318 Last Edit: September 01, 2015, 02:45:15 am by DJ Omnimaga
Isn't the default browser built-in into iOS, thought? I see no point in trying to block third-party engines when you are offering yours for free. It almost seems like they are intentionally breaking some things to make them work the way they want as an ploy to get developers and mainstream users to switch to iDevices. Otherwise their appstore policies are just outright censorship.

Anyway we should probably move the iOS discussion to another thread (maybe the iOS emulation one?) because now we got three topics that discusses iOS  browser engine issues. :P

DJ Omnimaga

So I found why WalrusIRC theme didn't work in log view:

When you access a log page, such as , it tries to fetch the CSS from instead of . So either you would need to set the path to be absolute (not recommended) or just go back a few folders.


It actually is the right way to use absolute paths without including the site address. You can make the root configurable like most sites too.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah but the problem with absolute paths is if another site decides to use WalrusIRC, then their CSS will point to ours. It's an hassle for example if we ever decide to move WalrusIRC in a different folder and change its URL.


Absolute path = path from /, not the actual URL.

DJ Omnimaga

Oh ok, I thought they involved putting the entire URL in the a tag.


DJ Omnimaga

Do you think the bug would be fixable, though? I mean, in log view, images and CSS are both missing.


Yeah it is, I need to poke Juju about it. Or do it myself. But laziness. :P

DJ Omnimaga

* DJ Omnimaga pokes @Juju

That's how it's done :P


Yeah I should add a bunch of "../" somewhere or some mechanism to determine how much folders you're in.

Thinking of that that URL design was terrible.
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As some will know from reading the bug reports thread for codewalrus, i have trouble (err.. well basicly its imposible to use) using  WIRC on ios. Yet when i use i am able to use walrus irc, albeit a glitchy one. Hopefully this should help you track down the bug, @Juju

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