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I'm working on an alternate OmnomIRC client (not a complete rewrite but it's pretty much rewriting the www part, so you'd still have to install and run OmnomIRC beforehand, and it'll be compatible with it so you can run both www clients at the same time. Maybe it'll eventually replace the rest too so you won't have to install OmnomIRC? We'll see. It could probably turn into a complete rewrite.) and it's gonna eventually replace this chatbox you see at the top once done.

- Uses node.js and socket.io! (That is, websockets. Or something else if your browser is not supported. You know what? I think it's even supporting IE6, in case you need this s***ty and outdated browser.)
- Modern look!
- Responsive!
- No longer need of php stuff and spamming the server with requests! (So I guess it will no longer be slow? That's the point.)
- Supports IE6! (What's the point, though. No one uses it anymore.)

What works now
- Recieving messages and actions
- Topic setting
- Scrolling
- Reconnects to the server like if nothing happened

What doesn't yet
- Sending stuff and authentication
- Colors, links and emoticons
- Everything else

What it will eventually do
- Pretty much what OmnomIRC did before but better
- Emojis?
- A neat log viewer, I guess.
- A lot of stuff, but at the same time it'll be kept simple.

So yeah, how it works right now, on page load it request the 100 first lines then the server gets them directly from MySQL, and then it watches the curid file for updates and when it changes it gets the lines from MySQL and shoots them to the clients. So it's pretty much real-time and no longer need to poll the server like every second or so. Which is nice.

You can already see the work in progress here: http://walrusirc.codewalr.us/
And check the source code here: https://github.com/juju2143/walrusirc

Have fun ^_^

I tried it and it looks pretty nifty. My suggestions, though:

-Try to not make it bloated. Focus on the essential stuff first. That way if it becomes broken then it's easier to fix than if there are like dozens of less useful features.
-Make sure that the CSS allows us to change the shoutbox design. With OmnomIRC, for example, I can add gradients, change colors, remove rounded edges, etc. I would rather have a shoutbox that blends well with the site design.
-Banning features (maybe like Omnom?)
-Also it would be nice if it also showed the EFnet, Freenode, Omninet and CW users.

That said, I think the main goal should be to provide something that doesn't lag like mad on this forum install so that maybe it givees people incentive to use #CodeWalrus . SAX could have worked but it lacks an online list and some other features, not to mention it's for PhpBB.

Yeah, that's the point, it's made so it won't lag like mad. Mainly by making one connection to the server total each.page load.

Also I thought of a little box that shows up when you click on an username with all the ban commands and user info and stuff. For theming, I guess you can always check the public folder and modify it to your likings.

Aah that box would be nice actually, although maybe it would be better if we could click the username instead for mobile users. And will there be an online list?

Of course.


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