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Konami expects you not to ask for support on their games

Started by gameblabla, March 12, 2017, 02:40:13 am

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They only deal with Japanese locale? There is no alternative for other regions?

Does seem strange.


Quote from: tr1p1ea on April 06, 2017, 08:52:44 pm
They only deal with Japanese locale? There is no alternative for other regions?

Does seem strange.

Yeah, this is strange but when you do so via the game's contact us page,
they speak in english.

But the japanese email is on the Google Play store page !
Makes no sense, i know

DJ Omnimaga

What surprises me is that their e-mail was not written in all-caps, coming from Japanese people.


Bump. Several updates were released since then.
When i tried the mouse on the very last version, it worked properly and i could play the game without any issues ! (even online !)

That's very strange because when i reported the issue, their answer was non-sensical.
The devs probably understood the issue though and they fixed it.
So Konami does listen to feedback.

This means that the game can now be played on Android-x86 and the Raspberry Pi (the Android port).

DJ Omnimaga


Quote from: xlibman on June 05, 2017, 04:37:32 pm
You found a bug-free game made after 2005? O.O

huh, not really lol.
It still suffer from a few connection failures and the chat is littered with spam (thankfully you can block it) but almost all the issues i had with it were fixed.

But i know you guys mourn the death of the Metal Gear series

DJ Omnimaga

Not Metal Gear in my case but rather Metroid and F-Zero :P

Also I see lol. Is the spam mostly advertising and scams or is it s***posting/flooding in the style of Moonbase Alpha? :P


The game was updated to version 1.7 and it is probably the worst version.
Cards that don't work properly (Serket), you have to scroll all the way down each time you pop up the chat window etc...
The worst of all, the game sometimes completely breaks and you can even summon magic cards as monsters !

Prepare for annihilation, i attack with Polymerization ! BLAST FUSION !

I heard Konami were blackmailing former kojima productions employees and threating them with lawsuits...
Seems like they will regret ever doing that, because now they badly need staff to fix bugs lol

But apart from that, it's great
8/10 Would play with polymerization again


Konami is bulls***. Super Bomberman R is so badly coded that the devs had to tune down the resolution down to 720p in docked mode and 540p in undocked, to make it run at 60fps. Next to that, the talented 5 people from Shin'en made Fast RMX run at a flawless [email protected] with newly added advanced shading and cinematic motion blur. And don't tell me Fast RMX is less resource-demanding than Bomberman lol.

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