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Superstar Hero - a Ys-like JRPG set in the Quebec future of 9108

Started by DJ Omnimaga, February 28, 2017, 11:15:28 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

I have worked more on the NPC convos to make them more relevant to the game's setting, while also updating some of the city maps.

I also updated the first post of the topic with a description of the game and the story setting. I'll add the story later.

By the way, you learn most of the game's setting by talking to NPC's.

DJ Omnimaga

Update: Aside from the other NPC additions I did after updating to 0.7, I also made the game intro much harder (you will probably have to make the farther monsters follow you all the way back to the beginning without getting hit too much by the plant-like monster, so that they can let you pass, and one very hard enemy was added at the end of the road before the ground collapses under you.

DJ Omnimaga

Project update:
-Boss names are now shown in battle, when applicable.
-Boss 2 and optional boss were renamed from Tanorial and Tutorial to Loneliness and Anxiety
-Title screen updated, but it will most likely change again in the near future.

DJ Omnimaga

A long-standing bug causing the amount of gold obtained from kills to be incorrect most of the time is being fixed right now. Basically, under the old system, the amount of gold gained per kill was directly tied to the total amount of damage the enemy took before dying, rather than their max HP, resulting into an unintentional "bonus gold feature" that caused lots of problems when offensive items were used.

Some enemy gold amounts were adjusted after fixing the bug.

Also, all item shops are now called Cears (in reference to Sears).

DJ Omnimaga

Good news: Superstar Hero can now be completed from start to finish with no skipping! All areas and bosses have been programmed. I'll continue adding content, though.

DJ Omnimaga

-Some graphics were added or updated to blend better with the rest
-More shadow effects added (mainly on Quebec Bridge II)
-New enemy implemented
-Crystal Hill area completed
-Wind in Crystal Hill no longer pushes the hero to the right when walking and instead just slows down walking overall. This made collision detection impossible due to RPG Maker 2003 limitations, otherwise.
-Treasure chests were added to the game. All of them are locked and contains gold. They can only be opened with the governor house's key.

DJ Omnimaga

-More bug fixes
-Various map changes around Hooleigan Village
-Fixed bug with HP bar not refreshing to 0 HP when dying
-More shadows added in Hooleigan area
-City of Gold will now be home of a secret dungeon of the same name
-Dynamic lighting effect added to one tile, sort-of.
-Added event that unlocks City of Gold dungeon.
-Warning about mature content and for epileptic people moved to a separate screen before the game intro
-Some new tiles added for City of Gold dungeon.
-When you have 25% HP left, a warning sound now starts playing and the HUD becomes orange.

DJ Omnimaga

-The second save point located in the ruins has been moved a bit further, to the City of Gold
-City of Gold expanded
-The boss called Anxiety now makes an appearance outside said boss fight and thus harasses you as you move through one of the City of Gold tunnel and the following room, but you can't beat him in those areas.
-A new monster has been added.

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