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Superstar Hero - a Ys-like JRPG set in the Quebec future of 9108

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DJ Omnimaga:

Superstar Hero is an sci-fi action-RPG set in a dystopian Quebec City of the far future. The game is heavily inspired from the early Ys series games and Mega Man, but it doesn't take itself seriously, with an usually over-the-top depiction of the 92th century and how Quebec has (d)evolved, where the goal of the game is to... as you guessed... save the world! It also contains some weird glitches that were left in and it is your job to take advantage of them to counter the game's sometimes-very-high difficulty.

You can lower its difficulty by farming for gold and buying attack/defense/speed upgrades, but at one point you might prefer trying to master the abuse of some of the game's (and RPG Maker 2003 engine's) quirks, such as cornering enemies while attacking them or character positioning and attack timing for maximum damage.

The game is not complete yet, but it's coming along nicely (despite some breaks over time).


The game is set in the dystopian future of 9108, in Quebec City area. Because of overpopulation, people started building new skyscrapers right out of the ground, digging down while building the structures around the remaining rocks and dirt, rather than building upwards into the sky. The thinner Earth crust that resulted afterwards, despite being reinforced heavily by metal to support 900+ floor high skyscrapers, resulted into Quebec City temperature never going under 10°C even in the middle of January nights (except during snowstorms in upper parts of the city). Sainte-Foy District is now the hi-tech hub of the city, while St-Roch is the shopping one. As a result of various geopolitical events in the 21th century (such as Internet becoming illegal due to widespread terrorism and Harlaka residents being banned from the rest of the city and eventually most of the world, and then disappearing entirely on Christmas 2093), the district of Harlaka, built after the 2029 nuclear attack on Lévis in order to house the remaining survivors, has suffered from crime and depopulation during almost its entire existence and today, it is overrun by the Tibestian alien race and their robots, and you now need special governor permission to get in.

As you learn by talking to NPC's in the game, if you thought that finding new staff in the retail job world in 2018 was hard... well... imagine Walmart being closed for over one week due to being unable to find enough staff to run the store. That's life in Quebec City, in 9108 AD. Oh, and many people hate you or are scared of you because you were built by the enemy race. But for whatever reason, they are neither scared nor attacked by monsters who dare roaming the city streets (people retaliated so often that monsters just gave up attacking locals). And for whatever reasons, half of the women in Quebec City now walk down the street in bikinis. (yeah, the game is more for a mature audience, btw xd). And just like in the 2010's, Quebec City is home of at least three :walrii: .

(click to show/hide)So I thought I would resume work on this old project, which has been dormant since about January 2009: Superstar Hero, which is an action-JRPG set in the Quebec City future of 9108, after a nearby city got destroyed. You are an hero of the Tibestian enemy race that lost his destructive memories and somehow ended up on the good side, now willing to stop his own master from destroying the world.

Your only weapon (once you buy at least one attack upgrade) is that electrical attack that damages all enemies surrounding you, along with area of effect items you can buy at shops. You can also buy defense and speed upgrades to reduce the amount of damage you take and increase the speed at which you can attack.

Changelog since v0.1 demo:
-Replaced all music not made by me
-Added new music, including some from the unfinished ROL0 remake. Most songs are still unused, though.
-Removed weird frame (resolution is now close to SNES-like, except the save/load screens)
-New enemies inside the Quebec City tunnels
-Altered some sound effects and volume
-Quebec City graphics slowed down and altered a little bit to make it a little less flashy (it's still flashy, though)
-Changed HP bar to a gradient and changed the color of defense.
-Updated project from RPG Maker 2003 v1.09 to the newly-released 1.11 (Steam version)
-Fixed some bugs introduced by updating to RPG Maker 2003 v1.11, mainly with font settings having changed.
-Added more Quebec City maps including the link between both ends
-New enemies
-Test boss

-Fix balance issues (mainly with how expensive upgrades can get)
-A lot of new maps/NPC convos
-New bosses/enemies (most bosses will most likely be Ys style, being either a standard enemy/stationary object in a room filled with projectiles you must avoid)

Ooooh, can't wait to see :D

DJ Omnimaga:
Thanks. And since it's 2017 now, this happened:

That will be handy when you want to go back and forth from the western end and eastern end of town. :P

EDIT: The animation for Walrii Express is done. Basically the flashy cat walrus rides you on a bridge all the way to the east part of town (which will have an elevator to go in the lower parts there) at very high speed.

I really like the idea of offering a coffee walrus as a means of faster transportation inside the game :D
Will you add additional graphic effects like sparks and stuff to show how super fast a walrus can move? :)

DJ Omnimaga:
No sparks, although there is a funny bug that allows the character to use his attack while riding the :walrii:. I decided to leave it intact since I thought it was funny XD (the attack is spark-based btw).

Also I did some more progress on the game. There's now a purposely crappy mini-map available for view in two of the city locations (West side entrance and the top of Montcalm Tower). The second elevator now works (the first one is blocked by security) and Walrus express can now go in both directions. I also did some updates for exits that are indoors so that they're more noticeable.


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