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CWick Contest #4: The Tau Problem

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Wait what? It's back? Well, then. Today I ask you the 1000 first digits of tau. I think @JWinslow23 will love this one. So if you remember how it's done, I ask you a program that have this output exactly (or more):

--- Code: ---6.283185307179586476925286766559005768394338798750211641949889184615632812572417997256069650684234135964296173026564613294187689219101164463450718816256962234900568205403877042211119289245897909860763928857621951331866892256951296467573566330542403818291297133846920697220908653296426787214520498282547449174013212631176349763041841925658508183430728735785180720022661061097640933042768293903883023218866114540731519183906184372234763865223586210237096148924759925499134703771505449782455876366023898259667346724881313286172042789892790449474381404359721887405541078434352586353504769349636935338810264001136254290527121655571542685515579218347274357442936881802449906860293099170742101584559378517847084039912224258043921728068836319627259549542619921037414422699999996745956099902119463465632192637190048918910693816605285044616506689370070523862376342020006275677505773175066416762841234355338294607196506980857510937462319125727764707575187503915563715561064342453613226003855753222391818432840398
--- End code ---

You're allowed mostly everything, a calc (scrolling or output to a Str variable might be needed), a PC, a Google Home that speaks the output, whatever. This is also a code golf contest: smaller is better, but it will also be judged on how original the method to produce or to show the output is, be it an algorithm, compression or whatever, and also how fast it is. You need not to have that output exactly, variations are allowed, as long as it shows more or less these digits. Standard code golf pitfalls from Stack Overflow applies.

Send the sources of your entries to Contest ends Monday March 13th 23:59:59 EST. (Two weeks this time, because it's a big one.)

Note that the schedule is now whenever I feel like. Feel free to send ideas for future contests like this.

Tau on the Colecovision :
1k of RAM just isn't enough for Tau...

I will send you the binaries and the sauce.

Oooh, that nice. On that note, 1000 digits is not a hard limit if the system you're coding for don't allow for it, although there's algorithms that lets you calculate tau digit by digit, you might get around by throwing away the digit once it's displayed on screen.

This reminds me... Did i ever get my Hello World walrii points? :P

Oh yes, and now i have an interesting idea.. not sure if i could pull it off tho.

Ok juju, i found a workaround for the small memory. (just do it in several parts)
Tau fits on two-screen !
I will send you the new version


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