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[PC] IconusCalc - The world's first AutoRPN (tm) calculator!

Started by iconmaster, January 21, 2015, 10:51:10 pm

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I was working on this a while ago. I don't think I have the time to keep working on this project, but here it is anyways.

IconusCalc is a calculator written in Java. It's biggest feature is something I call AutoRPN. It can accept input in all 3 major notation formats: Infix, polish, and reverse polish. Of course, this means sometimes you have to use parenthesis in RPN expression ('sacrilege,' RPN enthusiasts cry), but it's generally a lot more convenient than any one input method.



  • AutoRPN: Input things in ALL 3 input modes at once!

  • Do some basic math functions!

  • Symbolic math! Create and simplify variable expressions!

  • Variables! Also with a file system for your variables!

  • Multiple windows!

  • Customizable screen size and color schemes!


Get IconusCalc here! Note that this program requires Java 8 to run.

Source Code

IconusCalc is open source! Look at the source code here.

DJ Omnimaga

Interesting. This could be handy for some people because I know that some HP fans prefer RPN over anything else but might want to use it without a calculator. :)

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