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[3DO] Evil Australians - A new platforming game for PC & consoles[Dreamcast][PC]

Started by gameblabla, February 03, 2017, 12:30:59 am

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DJ Omnimaga

I would be fine sticking with such limitations personally if I was planning to make a game for multiple platforms, if it meant that I just had to code the game once or only modify a few things thanks to a library.

Also I would advise anyone against making a Sega CD-32X exclusive homebrew, because both add-ons cost like $200-250 with the cables included in total and I doubt that many people had both at the same time. That's unless both can be emulated at the same time (I forgot). It would still be nice to see the CD and 32X power used to their max potential at the same time.

And that sucks about MiniLD 71 D:.


I have ported the game to the Atari Falcon, Atari's very last computer with a Motorola 68030 chip with a 16-bits bus.
Get the port here and give it a try on Hatari with EmuTOS :

This version has both music and sound effects. I might add music to the other ports too.
It looks nearly identical to the PC release and the game's executable is 15.5kb for the Non-DSP.
I'm telling you, i'm getting demoscene skills lol.

DJ Omnimaga


Quote from: xlibman on April 16, 2018, 05:16:35 pm
Pics, or it didn't happen :P

Not sure why you doubted my claims :P
The Atari Falcon is capable of stereo sound and has a true color mode (64k colors).
Sadly, its a bit on the slow side... I'm not sure how well it runs on real hardware.
Did my best to trim down that executable...


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Quote from: Juju on April 16, 2018, 06:12:37 pm
Oooh, that looks really nice.

Yeah, now you know why i pestered you guys about this :P;topicseen#new

I might work on a VGA DOS version too. (though this probably won't have sound effects, only music)


Just saying that after Opossum Massage simulator 64, i also took a look at Evil Australians as well and managed to fix it.In addition to that, i've also added analog support as well as music & sound effects, which is now on par with the PC & Atari Falcon releases.

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