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A new Casio PRIZM calculator: The fx-CG50

Started by DJ Omnimaga, January 14, 2017, 03:04:54 PM

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Thanks for all the updates and trying. I started and then postponed fixing a few of my addins for fx-cg 50 too. Emulator cost is one problem I'm facing and lack of experience with linux prevents me from being able to restart the demo - in fact on some of the machines where previous fx-cg 20 demo expired I wasn't able to start new fx-cg 50 emulated not even once


You don't really need the new fx-CG50 emulator, as it is not accurate and just seems to emulate the older fx-CG20 hardware/behaviour.
Most addins work on the new emulator although they don't on real hardware.

If you've got something to test, just share it. I'll gladly do it. :)


Makes sense that it is pretty useless for most add-ins as long as I have old emulator working - i only needed it for a few addins of mine like pokemon+ because it uses native os main menu background which now completely changed between fx-cg20 and new fx-cg50 versions becoming white vs black and so on. The other add-in i relied on black main menu background was my g-plus addin which was putting current time in the status bar of main menu and also launching most built in apps with the time display in the status bar. I made some progress fixxing everything for the new hardware but will have to work more on them to finish.

If compiling of gbl08ma's eigenmath becomes possible on windows i will definitely try and debug it for fx-cg50 - maybe one of the online compiling tools can be tweaked to compile such projects to make further development of gbl08ma's add-ins possible on any pc be it linux or windows - I know nothing about linux and will be greatful if someone makes those addins compilable on Windows please


The fx-CG50 / Graph 90+E does crash with both release and development builds of eigenmath.

It's reproducible :
- no USB connection
- reset eigenmath (delete folder - empty history)
- reset calculator
- run eigenmath
- type (x+1)^2 with the [x²] key
- type (x-1)^3

With the development build, the PC/target values are always the same :

With the release build, the values are slightly different but it still crashes :

DJ Omnimaga

So the fx-CG50 is $150 in Canada, $20 more than the fx-CG10, which remained frozen at $130 ever since it came out no matter the exchange rate. This seems on-par with the MSRP of USD$130 announced at some places before and it's actually cheaper than the monochrome TI-84+.


I am surprised the price is so expensive...
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DJ Omnimaga

Calzcs are overpriced compared to their hardware specs.


September 26, 2017, 07:11:01 PM #67 Last Edit: September 26, 2017, 07:20:31 PM by critor
@AmazoNKA and @gbl08ma
Now that OS 3.10 update is available for both fx-CG50 an fx-CG10/20, is it possible to check back what's wrong with Eigenmath and other add-ins ?


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