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General Public Dream Thread

Started by p4nix, December 30, 2016, 07:06:21 PM

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December 30, 2016, 07:06:21 PM Last Edit: December 30, 2016, 07:13:20 PM by p4nix
General Public Dream Thread
This is the right place to share your dreams ;) If they are too private, consider opening a similar thread in safe haven or don't tell them at all :P

Well, I am going to start with a recent 'nightmare':

So, it all started at the entrance of our house. The doorbell was ringing, so I got downstairs and opened the door. A friendly young man holding a double-edged knife was smiling at me and telling me why he needed to get inside. I quickly realized the situation and slammed my body at the door to close it - only some centimeters were missing, but the man started to do the same and was stronger. He stabbed into my throat, waited a second and pulled his knife back out. Well, this fatal injury didn't kill me... Surprise motherf***er! So I covered my bleeding throat with one hand and tried calling a psychiatry on phone with the other hand. Stupid me forgot that calling an ambulance or at least the police would have been a slightly better choice, but dream-me was convinced that the psychiatry would inform those 'friends-and-helpers' anyway. Nonetheless I went out to search for that psycho leaving a trail of stabbed people all around the streets of my neighborhood- and found him. Of course he attacked me again, but this time I could grab his knife and injure him a little bit (just a tiny cut somewhere) but at least I had his weapon. Needless to say, it wasn't his only knife and soon he started to throw all kinds of different knives at me and soon started chasing me. I ran for my life!
*Scene changes*
I'm now on a ship. Through a spectator perspective I can see the knife man being collared and hold on a chain by a monster which looks a bit like this rich fat thing from Star Wars (EDIT: Jabba the Hutt). A neon-green ogre with a lamp is next to him. They release the knife man into a dark room and he is as happy as a dog which gets his food prepared... I realize the good guys on the ship will have to fight against this beast of a man in order to win - in total darkness. Instantly I experience a kind of flashforward or imagination how I will be stabbed by that psycho without being able to see even my hands.
*Scene changes again*
I'm now on deck of the ship. Now don't laugh at me, but it gets a little bit influenced by the game Minecraft. Obviously, the knife man is on deck of the ship together with me (it's bright daylight at that point btw) and says 'Whoever places under 6 blocks here is considered a child by me and thus will not be killed.' -  I still fear for my life and use some, but guaranteed less than 6 blocks to get to the ships mast to be safer. Don't judge my fear, not killing does not exclude the possibility of other terrifying things to happen. The killer however does consider me adult now and a fight starts again.
*Scene changes*
I'm somewhere else on the ship now, and it is night. Together with one of the good guys I watch at a small hole on the floor which leads to a room entirely underwater. Using some source of weak light I try to illuminate the underwater room, he is holding the room at gunpoint. Sometimes, you can see something moving under the surface of water. I reach for my phone hoping it might serve as a better source of light. Suddenly my companion gets pulled into the water. I panic and try to illuminate the scene now. It seems like he manages to knockout the knife man using a revolver under water but is about to drown. Police arrives now and they pull that knife psycho out of the water. My companion is still drowning, but somehow I manage to convince the people around to get him out as well. I now grab his revolver to make sure that psycho is really dead and unload all of the rounds into his body. But it seems like I missed a lot of the 5 bullets left. Did even one hit the desired target? Who knows, and I wake up.


lol at when you call a psychiatry instead of the police.
After that, it's a giant clusterf*** :P


It didn't really feel like a clusterf*, but sure, dreams are weird :D

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