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unknown's moosic [may contain synthwave and trancey stuff]

Started by unknownloner, December 09, 2016, 05:05:20 am

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Recorded another thing with this synth real quick

Recorded with my phone hence the lower audio quality, but still sounds pretty sweet IMO

Listen to dat sweet sweet distortion


DJ Omnimaga

Quote from: p2 on January 18, 2017, 12:50:12 pm
I just realized that even if you get super famous one day, your music will still be called unknown music :trollface:
That might not be a good thing, and I'm sure that as an hardcore raver, @kotu knows what I am talking about, because try to search for music by UFO on Youtube and good luck finding any relevant result, even after adding "hardcore" in the search query. This is why I am happy Sy and Unknown did not just use the Unknown moniker, else finding any of his songs would be impossible.

Basically, avoid using a very common word as your artist/author name, otherwise nobody will be able to find any of your work in Google search.

Anyway Unknownloner that first Pss480 test reminds me a bit of some Utz calculator sounds at first. I like it. Also that last thing you posted would fit very well in some trance music :)


Yeah it's definitely got that sorta lo-fi raspyness to it.


DJ Omnimaga

Quote from: unknownloner on January 24, 2017, 07:25:46 am
Yeah it's definitely got that sorta lo-fi raspyness to it.
Raspyness as in Rasberry Pi? O.O Or do you mean something else lol.  In any case for a recent style electronic dance song it would fit perfectly. I don't do music under new styles but I would be curious about how one of my songs would sound like in new style.

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