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Old Android devices

Started by gameblabla, November 24, 2016, 01:14:31 am

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Quote from: WholeWheatBagels on December 18, 2016, 08:05:58 pm
Is it the KFSOWI kindle? I have one of those and it is not as complete sh*t as the older ones.
Its actually usable by some miracle?!?  O.O  :crazy:

It's a FORD one
It's an okay tablet if you can put it on cyanogenmod but this does not solve the horrible battery life, due to the signed bootloader
and crappy amazon's kernel.
I absolutely hate FireOS, it's just bad.
In some ways, it's worse than the KFSOWI and some other old Fire tablets because at least you can unlock the bootloader
and fix those issues.
Not here though...

QuoteAbout the iPhone 4, didn't it have exploding battery issues?

Apparently yes, someone's iphone caught fire. But even the 3GS had burning issue. (someone got his legs burned due the iphone 3GS)
I guess it doesn't help the fact that the battery is not removable.
Oh, it's quite thick too. (not as much as a dik but you no)

DJ Omnimaga

I'm kinda late but I lol'ed at your last sentence @gameblabla XD

Also I think the early iPhone issues were the same as many devices that used older batteries: Older batteries sometimes lacked a protection against overcharging and the protection against complete discharges was non-existent. Nowadays batteries are more safe, even though I bet letting your PS Vita or Wii U gamepad battery at 0% charge for 2 years could cause the same problem the next time you try to let it charge

I am curious if the Samsung i5510 battery was affected by this...


Bump again, and i can pretty much confirm and reaffirm that your device needs to be supported by a Custom ROM, and it's even better if mainline linux supports it.
Sadly for the latter, only a few devices check those boxes. (Mostly the Nexus 5 and some SoCs like the Raspberry Pis)

I still have some of my older phones but i don't even bother with them anymore as they are useless, even for gaming.

Jean-Baptiste Boric

I happen to boot my good old Samsung Galaxy SII regularly, even though a Nokia 1 edges it out nowadays. Last time I did it, the battery got uncalibrated in the meantime and the phone only recognized 0% (unplugged) and 100% (plugged) battery levels. I solved it by booting into recovery and letting the battery completely drain out before fully recharging it again. I still find it useful as an occasional secondary tablet for lightweight web browsing, mails and YouTube.

Speaking of it, looks like LineageOS finally stopped officially supporting it in October 2018, but I'm mighty impressed that a flagship phone from 2011 managed to hold out for so long, from Android 2.3 all the way to Android 7.1.2 (while often having a more recent OS than contemporary smartphones). I've yet to find a flagship Android smartphone as pocket-friendly as this, even if my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact gets very close... Why do all manufacturers think we want our flagships the size of a frikkin' aircraft carrier?!

DJ Omnimaga

I dunno. Maybe they love the 80's, when cellphones were ridiculously huge and required you to transport a huge battery.

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