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Change The WalrusIRC

Started by xMarminq_, November 13, 2016, 12:36:26 am

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Edits go in IRC?

6 (75%)
2 (25%)

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Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on November 14, 2016, 11:57:40 pm
Then the user who is on IRC has to type the forum URL inside his browser bar manually, then find the user profile, then click show posts, then find the post, which could be an old post he edited and is on page 40-50 or so.

If we are gonna make it such hassle to see someone's post edits from IRC, then we might as well not implement them at all.

Omnimaga and Cemetech edits works fine other than the privacy issue for people who don't want a specific edit to appear publicly (eg an old personal-related post or unnecessary rehashing of old drama). I was only against that feature at first due to how spammy it can get when there is a 100+ posts day, but it's not like those happen often.

^Basicly this.
About the privacy issue, a "dont notify of edit" button could work, but isn't necessary.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah the thing @c4ooo is that for example, my Omnimaga/SAX goodbye post contains some severely outdated info and the topic is still among the top pages of the misc section, meaning it could mislead people. However, I don't want people to go apes*** and think I am back (which happened a few times when I logged in before) and give people false hope, or to think it's a 2016 post because they didn't read the date and stuff. That and sometimes it's nice to be able to edit without everyone jumping at you thinking you're available when in fact you're on your 15 minutes break at work.

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