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Garvalf's music

Started by garvalf, November 11, 2016, 04:01:25 pm

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In this thread I'll post some of my new musics.

This time it's not strictly chiptune but it's related because it was generated by the computer. I've used Picoloop, a free software nanoloop clone.
It emulates several synth, such as the TB303, MOS SID, opl2 (fm),  Twytch/Helm etc.

I've made a tutorial / manual for this excellent tool:

So here is my latest song with it:

DJ Omnimaga

I never heard of that software. I should check it out. Thanks for sharing your work, I'll listen to your songs soon. :)

DJ Omnimaga

So @garvalf I finally got time to listen to the song and that is definitively some interesting and original stuff you have here. Probably not my style but I liked the idea and the dark mood (which wasn't super dark either, but still a bit).


thanks. Yes, I'm not super dark myself, it was rather in a melancholic mood.

Picoloop is definitely worth trying, very pleasant to use!  :thumbsup:


Some FM songs I've made recently. One for Nec PC-9801 (opna), using the MML language (well, with a midi to mml converter) :

One other for megadrive (ym2612 and sn76489 chips):

DJ Omnimaga

Gotta love PC-9801 (and related) music. I still listen to some of the Ys music regularly for the PC-88 and FM77AV. Nice song, by the way

As for the Megadrive one, awesome song as well. I didn't know about DefleMask before. I really need to give it a try because I always wanted to make Sega Megadrive music.



Deflemask is really cool, easy to learn and use, and you can also import several instrument formats, among others the opm one. What is cool you can find big instrument packs ripped from games, which you can use for you own music. (search "VOPM Mega Arcade Collection").

Ys is also among my favorite game music. I love especially:
- First Step Towards Wars (Ys 1)
- Feena (intro for Ys 1)
- Sarina village (Ys III on megadrive)
but my favorite among those gems is definitively "Welcome":

Two new songs on BotB:

YM2612 + PSG (megadrive), cold rock style (with some folk elements at the end):

PSG only (sega master system), medieval style:


and another new song (for gameboy), this time an Irish Jig I've tried to composed in a traditional way:

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah my main concern with Mega Drive is that the page said something about how some functionalities can be tricky to learn and use. I hope making Megadrive music that doesn't sound like Crazybus isn't too much of an hassle. I would like to at least be able to make stuff like Ys someday :P (and I am curious if it can be imported into BeX games), even if it sounds more like 1988-89 Megadrive music than 90's.

Another software I like for Game Boy music, but that doesn't allow putting music into games, is Pocket Music for the GBC. The GBA version isn't that great, though.

Nice songs :)


I didn't know crazybus. Now I regret I do.  :banghead:

You're a good composer, I don't know why you wouldn't do something at least equivalent to Thunderforce IV!

Which page said this about megadrive? The deflemask one? Honestly, I don't know everything about the megadrive engine, but I think it's quite simple to use.

I'll have a look at pocketmusic

DJ Omnimaga

January 31, 2017, 05:48:54 pm #10 Last Edit: February 01, 2017, 09:18:22 am by p2
Yeah it was the Deflatemask one.

Edit by p2: removed the SentFromMobile thingy


February 01, 2017, 11:01:22 pm #11 Last Edit: February 01, 2017, 11:02:56 pm by garvalf
Forget this, and try by yourself. If you need some help, just ask. And if you make a song good enough, I could even record it from my megadrive ;)

New songs (very different in sound!): (American elite don't want you to listen to this. Made with picoloop) (Classical, made with MuseScore)  (Black Metal elite don't want you to listen to this 'cos it's obviously rawer than their own music. 1-bit tune, for Fairchild Channel F, a console released in 1976 (like me)). It's a new engine made by Utz (Irrlicht Project), this genius.

DJ Omnimaga

Interesting songs. The 3rd one reminds me a lot of Houstontracker 2 stuff. Also I would say that l'harmonie des sphères is one of my favorites now as it's kinda relaxing. Nice job on those three songs, as always :)


Hey, I've made a METAL song (Doom/Death)! I hadn't recorded anything from my guitars for years (more than 15 years, at least), so here am I back on tracks:

DJ Omnimaga

That sounds very cool and dark. Nice guitar work especially :)

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