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TI-Nspire Computer Link file transfer fails

Started by rwill, October 15, 2016, 04:19:54 pm

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Hi all,

I got a request for assistance via mail and could not help further.

The problem the person is having is that the transfer of a file fails with a message from the
Link software that "An unsupported file was encountered. Only TI-Nspire (.tns) files may be
sent to a connected handheld.".

The file in question is pak0.pak.tns for quake.

Now as it used to work for me with version of the link software and OS 3.6 I wonder
if TI added something to later versions which prevent certain files to be sent to the Nspire, or
if this could be caused by something else or if anyone here already encountered this error
too and knows the cause.


I think the Windows file manager hides file extensions. You have to change the settings so that it doesn't hide extensions so that you can add the .tns extension at the end.

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