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Your dream calculator (maybe real sooner than you thought)

Started by DarkestEx, October 02, 2016, 10:15:18 PM

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Hello together.

I have been working on a prototype for a custom calculator. It only has a small, monochrome screen and a convoluted off-the-shelf keypad, but apart from that the hardware is the same as what I might use in a future project. It would be an ST ARMv7M @ 120 MHz with 1024 KB operating system Flash and SD card for program storage. It has 128 KB of RAM and also a coprocessor for WiFi. There is an app available to program it on the go with either your phone, your web browser or with the normal offline development tools you used to love.
What if I said that one could make a calculator out of that?
Would you like the idea?
What screen would you use? What screen technology? OLED, TFT, LCD, maybe even eink?
Also a custom keypad would be used. What layout would you like?

I am curious to what you come up with!

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