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The micro USB to micro USB question

Started by xMarminq_, October 01, 2016, 02:54:33 PM

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I have a USB to USB cable from my calculator, which is a TI-84 plus CE,Since they can export files, maybe they can export frames of a game for multiplayer game! That would be cool. Let me know about this.
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It can export frames for a multiplayer game!
It would be much more efficient to instead share key presses or something similar, and let each calc draw the screen separately.
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Indeed, E37 is right there. Sending a screenshot is quite slow and your framerate would be really bad. Also you would need to use the backbuffer of the sender calc as a framebuffer to generate the frame to be sent. Grayscale would be impossible anyways.

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True. That said, the Casio fx-9860g can achieve it fine, but it requires modifying the game code with some add-on to add screenshotting capabilities in it.

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