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What is Black Sunday?

Started by Agothro, January 05, 2015, 04:39:43 am

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Sorry, can somebody fill me in? America!
- Bandit Keith

DJ Omnimaga

It refers to December 7th, the day when the CodeWalrus name was revealed to public. You can find more info about the site revealing process there:

It was called Black Sunday because by then, we had no plan to reveal what the goal of the site is until December 15th and it was feared that the revealing of the site name to public could result into drama from people jumping to conclusions about our staff intentions.

Finally, it turned out to be a two days thing: Black Sunday and Black Monday, because the site on which CodeWalrus staff was the most active on was down on that Sunday and on the other site the logo was only noticed on Monday. The drama was finally less bad than anticipated, although it caused one of our staff to leave for almost 2 weeks when it happened and four people tried to break into the site via a misconfigured plugin, which resulted into the closed-beta ending abruptly. This also caused us to reveal the site intentions 5 days earlier than initially planned.


Ok. Also, what problem happened with the omni admins? America!
- Bandit Keith

DJ Omnimaga

January 05, 2015, 06:49:28 am #3 Last Edit: January 05, 2015, 07:12:13 am by DJ Omnimaga
There was a change in policies that occurred on Omni in 2012, which isn't necessarily bad, but nobody knew about the changes until over 2 years after being implemented. This resulted into gradual, unexplained changes in moderation and behavior from certain admins, which led to some conflicts between users who had joined without the changes in mind versus some admins. It piled up to the point where a third site was created, although it was finally decided that this new site would be more oriented into a programming group than a community news site.

It doesn't mean that Omni is ran worse than CW nor anything like that, because staff of each site is entitled to their views and are free to run their respective sites how they want. It's just that the policy changes left a gap in the community that needed to be filled in our opinions, so that's where CodeWalrus came in. All three sites being different is what makes the TI community more diverse. Besides, many people post on at least two different sites, often both Omni and CW.


To add and complement DJ's post, well, not that we don't like Omnimaga, on the contrary, we felt it's going on a different direction since the last 2 years and we wanted to go in another direction with this website that is CodeWalrus. Which adds to the diversity in TI websites, which is welcome. Note that we're ready to work with them for cross-website stuff.
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