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HP Prime firmware 10637 (2016.08.29) released

Started by DJ Omnimaga, September 08, 2016, 07:13:27 am

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DJ Omnimaga

HP has released firmware revision 10637 for the HP Prime. Besides some new feature additions such as being able to use a picture as graphing background and improved on-calc help, this new OS is said to improve stability and possibly fix the problems encountered in the previous firmware. This firmware was leaked by accident a week ago and later removed, but has since been re-instated.

However, backup all your data and projects before upgrading, because this firmware update in particular will format your entire Flash memory, possibly to ensure a full cleanup from potential hazardous issues left behind previous firmwares.

"Release notes": ShowHide
HP Prime - Release Notes

Date Released: 2016/08/29

Internal Versions
Firmware Version:   2016 08 29 (10637)
Virtual Calculator Version:   2016 08 29 (10637)
Connectivity Kit:   2016 08 29 (10637)

This maintenance release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers fixes to outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

Please back up your calculator before the update. Any existing data on the device may be wiped during the update process.

New Functionality (Connectivity Kit)
1.   Improved USB communication speed and reliability to Prime calculator

New Functionality (Calculator Software)
1.   Changed Sequence Symb view to improve operation
2.   Improve memory handling when receiving larger files coming from connkit
3.   Improve linear solver app to use more digits internally to enhance precision

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1.   Resolved issue when deleting the backups using shift-clear in memory manager
2.   Resolved issue with overwrite backup with no prompt or warning
3.   Resolved issue with 'Airy' CAS functions being in catalog unintentionally
4.   Resolved issue with BLIT incorrectly reporting syntax error with 12 arguments
5.   Resolved issue with r8151 and earlier notes not being directly loadable
6.   Resolved issue with complex settings being linked incorrectly with home/CAS
7.   Resolved issue with dot operator .^ in home not working like r8151
8.   Resolved issue with INPUT string getting double quotes. str:="test"; INPUT({{str,[2]}})
9.   Resolved issue with Ans pointer and simplify/exact/approx key clicks
10.   Resolved issue with multiple equation solving in solve app not returning result for short answers
11.   Resolved issue with Sequence Symb view and tapping in certain state and place
12.   Resolved issue with RECT transparency (and others) not matching r8151 behavior
13.   Resolved issue with switching digit grouping - even with pragma in source
14.   Resolved issue with GRAD mode and ARG function
15.   Resolved issue with AFilesB on hardware calculator alone
16.   Resolved issue with 2 argument IFTE in advanced grapher
17.   Resolved issue with high CPU use in connkit
18.   Resolved issue with graphing when using chained comparison operators to match rest of system
19.   Resolved issue with memory browse screen taking a longer time to load
20.   Resolved issue with SCALE
21.   Resolved issue with (,) for decimal in number and the Solve app
22.   Resolved issue with search in help tree being case sensitive
23.   Resolved issue with drawing a vector of plotparam in geometry app
24.   Resolved issue with showing strange numbers in stat app results instead of NaN
25.   Resolved issue where a sketch in stat 2var application would sometimes disappear
26.   Resolved issue in Function app where the cached derivate was used on tangent/slope
27.   Resolved issue INTERSECT of a single list returned a list of 0
28.   Resolved issue with ARG returning error on 0
29.   Resolved issue with "shift" function not appearing in command catalog
30.   Resolved issue with DelAVars

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1.   Resolved issue with numer/denom("string"/1)
2.   Resolved issue with EIGENVV([[2,0,0,0],[2,2,0,0],[1,-1,2,-1],[0,1,0,2]])
3.   Resolved issue with a:=(2^(4*x)+4^(2x))/4^(2x+1); limit(a,x=inf);
4.   Resolved issue with intersection of hyperbolics
5.   Resolved issue with is_element on certain figures
6.   Resolved issue with integrate(1/sqrt(-9-x^2))
7.   Resolved issue with int(cos(x^2/2),x,1.,-1.)
8.   Resolved issue with solve(abs(6x - 3) + abs(6x + 9) - 12=0);
9.   Resolved issue with desolve(y'+y=2*exp(-x) and y(0)=3)
10.   Resolved issue with substitution returning wrong limits like for limit((x^2-121/25)/(x-11/5),x,11/5)
11.   Resolved issue with a:=sqrt(3)*1/30*atan(2*(-(sqrt(3))/2+tan(5*x)^(1/3))); simplify(a);
12.   Resolved issue with int((a*sec(x)^2-sin(2*x))*(cot(x)^3+1),x)
13.   Resolved issue with int(abs(2x-5),x,0,5);
14.   Resolved issue with int(1/sqrt(-9-x^2))
15.   Resolved issue with int(cos(x^2/2),x,1.,-1.)
16.   Resolved issue with int(1/(1+x^2)) in degree mode
17.   Resolved issue with fsolve([X^2-Y-1=0,-X+Y^2-1=0],[X=0,Y=0])
18.   Resolved issue with int(ln(tan(x))/(sin(x)*cos(x)))

Previous Versions

Date Released: 2016/04/14

Internal Versions
Firmware Version:   2016 04 14 (10077)
Virtual Calculator Version:   2016 04 14 (10077)
Connectivity Kit:   2016 04 14 (10077)

This release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC software delivers significant new features and fixes outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes, but highlights specific items. All users of the HP Prime calculator are encouraged to upgrade for the best possible experience.

Please back up your calculator before the update. Any existing data on the device will be wiped during the update process.

New Functionality (Connectivity Kit)
1.   Progress bars on each calculator in tree to show transfer status
2.   Calculator and content pane now dockable windows. Connkit will remember and restore position/state of all windows
3.   Network mapped working directories supported
4.   Ability to add plot backgrounds to graphing applications
5.   Proctor mode to automatically start exam mode on connection
6.   Improved polling and sending of response data back to classroom
7.   Invalid .hpprgm files will be attempted to load as plain text if possible. Will attempt to determine text encoding format
8.   Turned on IP networking for future usage

New Functionality (Virtual Calculator)
1.   Added confirmation on emulator reset menu press

New Functionality (Calculator Software)
1.   Ability to manipulate functions in the Function app
a. Change expressions into other forms
b. Reposition and modify existing expressions
c. Cubics now also recognized in sketch and manipulation
2.   Use a picture for graph background
a. Choose from a built in image library, or add your own
b. Fit image to screen, or position at a specific Cartesian location
3.   Sketch a function directly in the Statistics 2Var App
4.   Recovered ~8MB of RAM for user use
5.   Improved interaction between CAS functions and HPPPL program. CAS functions can now access directly HPPPL local variables as expected
6.   Sequence app now allows N..N+1..N+2 form
7.   Gradian support for angle mode
8.   EQ function for exact equality test of list. EQ({1,2,3},{1,2,3}) -> 1
9.   =CHOOSE(...) now makes a drop down selector in the spreadsheet
10.   LNAME function to extract variable names from home functions
11.   Added UNION function
12.   Support for jpg read/write. AFiles("file.jpg",[1-100]):=G0
13.   Direct access to images stored as files. G1:=AFiles("myfile.jpg")
14.   Plot scatterplot/ode wizard in geometry app
15.   Added alpha blend to BLIT commands
16.   Added IFERR feature to enable access of the error value from the Ans variable on error
17.   Added support for alpha channel in PIXON commands
18.   Enhances PLOT-TABLE of Function, Polar, Parametric, and Sequence apps to bring up new G1,...,G9,TableSelection chooser for choosing what to copy where
19.   Option for split stems in stem leaf plot
20.   New backup manager. You can now create, archive and restore backups on your calculator directly from memory manager
21.   VERSION() can take an argument to return that part of version info
22.   TEXTOUT functions now return pixel coordinate of the end of the printed text.

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1.   Resolved issue with excess power drain while in exam mode and calculator was "off"
2.   Resolved issue with use of complex arguments for some drawing commands
3.   Resolved issue with certain RPN programs causing issues when called from stack
4.   Resolved issue where quadratic explorer SOLVE function will now return complex results
5.   Resolved issue with "Cannot find solution" with negative seed values
7.   Resolved issue in printing of complex with negative second component
8.   Resolved issue with color chooser in note screen
9.   Resolved issue with AVars accessing files from another application sometimes causing issues
10.   Resolved issue with "CAS." being appended in spreadsheet
11.   Resolved issue with declaring a LOCAL in home screen
12.   Resolved issue with calling ΠLIST with vector
13.   Resolved issues with SWAPROW/SWAPCOL
14.   Resolved issue with REPLACE on lists behaving inconsistently
15.   Resolved issue with INPUT choose lists and >9 items
16.   Resolved issues with SORT
17.   Resolved issue with summation rejecting non-integer values. Allows smooth plotting
18.   Resolved issue with small plot previews in home/CAS not using current app plot window
19.   Resolved issue with GETKEY working after third screen tap
20.   Resolved issue with lists and comparison operators
21.   Resolved issue with calling function such as DATEADD when named spreadsheet cell exists as "DATE"
22.   Resolved issue with DIFFERENCE and calling multiple lists as arguments
23.   Resolved issue with user app vars not showing in VARS menu
24.   Resolved issue with long hold on grid chooser not selecting item
25.   Resolved issue with exact() and approx() via [a b/c] key not setting Ans in CAS
26.   Resolved issue with fraction^power not displaying (fraction)^power for clarity
27.   Resolved issue with complex numbers and units needing ( ) for clarity
28.   Improved ITERATE command to allow up to 2^16 iterations
29.   Resolved issue where two parameter NORMALCDF behaving different in home/CAS. Now two params will give you the area for a standard normal between L/R ends
30.   Resolved issue where copying something like 1.5e-25/2 into command line in CAS from history did not do division template properly
31.   Resolved issue where stat 1var calculation with frequency when frequency sum was identical to 1 was throwing an error
32.   Resolved issue so that LOG(81,3) returns 4 and not 3.9999...
33.   Resolved issue with REPLACE expanding with strings, but not vectors
34.   Resolved issue with integration in programs not able to use local variables
35.   Resolved issue with Σ failing with local variables
36.   Pressing Esc from List/Matrix did not return to List/Matrix screen like Program/Notes behavior
37.   Resolved issue where [sto] was allowed as first character in home var name
38.   Resolved issue that prevented assigning a user variable a complex form polar in a program source
39.   Resolved issue where Linear Explorer SolveForSlope function did not have the order of arguments working as expected
40.   Resolved issue with Resid() and PredY() throwing an error if Med-Med was fit type
41.   Resolved issue where shift-copy would not allow copying of system help text
42.   Resolved issue where change of display format did not invalidate 2D expression cache resulting in stale number display
43.   Resolved issue where F1(X)=STUDENT(N,X) reports Signed Area as NaN. Fisher, and Chi will also now work as expected
44.   Resolved issue where program editor could misbehave and cause memory issues
45.   Resolved issue with memory leak when application had embedded PNG images
46.   Renamed "Rect" variable in Triangle Solver app to "TriType"
47.   Removed error check on proportion z interval to allow a negative confidence interval. - can be negative vs error
48.   Resolved issues with WAIT/GETKEY not responding as expected after 3rd screen touch.
49.   Renamed the CalcFV, CalcPV ... finance app functions to be TvmFV, TvmPV... for future compatability reasons.

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1.   Improved results for tan(pi/24)
2.   Resolved issue with display of int(sqrt(1/x-1),x,1/2,1) (sqrt(1/4) getting converted to sqrt(1)/4 on copy
3.   Improved printing of (e^2)^3
4.   Fix for desolve([y'=[[1,2],[2,1]]*y+[x,x+1],y(0)=[1,2]])
5.   Fix for fsolve(x^3-3*x^2+4,x,-3..5)
6.   Support for gradians.
7.   Fix for solve(3 NTHROOT (2^(4*x-1))>=(2^(x-5))/(4 NTHROOT (16^x)))
8.   Fix for polynomial_regression(8)
9.   Resolved issue with "break" being parsed differently than "BREAK"
10.   Improved student_cdf for dof>=100
11.   Fix for limit((3*e^(2x)-12)/(e^(2x)-7*e^x+10),x,ln(2))
12.   Fix for forms like (sqrt(sqrt())
13.   Behavior change so that fsolve without guess now tries 0 if default bisection returns [ ]
14.   Fix for laplace([0,0],x,x) and a:=[[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]];[y0]:=desolve(y'=a*y and y(0)=[1,0,0]);
15.   Fix for solve(x^3=1.2e-15,x)
16.   Fix for ∂(∂(x^2*y^3,y),x)
17.   Enabled mod in parser as a synonym for irem (prefixed, MOD is infixed)
18.   Fix parsing of "return"
19.   Fix for int(abs(sin(2*pi*x)),x=0..1)
20.   Fix for sum(sum(1/(j+k),k,1,m),j,1,n))
21.   Make circle() work like circumcircle() when called with 3 args
22.   Modified implicitplot to returns a list instead of a sequence for hyperbola
23.   Fixes for ker and finite field factorization
24.   Fix for cfactor(2*x^3+x^2+x+1/2)
25.   Fix for solve((3*ABS(6-x)+2*ABS(3/2*x-5))=8,x)
26.   Fix for csolve(-256*p^5-128*p^4-16*p^3+2000*p^2+900*p+3233=0,p)
27.   Implicit multiplication warnings replaced by errors
28.   Fix in DELROW/DELCOL to eval second parameter
29.   Fix for int(1/(4+sin(3*x)),x,0,2)
30.   Add warning for (1+2)(3+4)
31.   Extend areas to support ellipse. e.g. area(ellipse(-1,1,2))
32.   Fix so simplify(sin(x-sin(x))') leaves unchanged
33.   Fix SVL for sym. matrices
34.   Fix for sum(legendre(j),j,0,3)
35.   Fixes for nested sqrt like normal(sqrt((1)-((5)*(sqrt(2)))))
36.   Fixes sum bug (-1)^(n+1) / n^2 and sum((-1)^(n+1)/n^4,n,1,inf)
37.   Modified geometric_cdf to be inclusive of lower bound
38.   Fix for assume(z>1000); sum(3^n*z^(-n),n,0,inf)
39.   Added Dirac support in ztrans

Download links:
Calculator firmware: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/calculators/Prime/HP_Prime_Calculator_Firmware_20160829.zip
HP Prime Virtual Calculator emulator: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/calculators/Prime/HP_Prime_Virtual_Calculator_2016_08_29.exe
HP Prime Connectivity Kit: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/calculators/Prime/HP_Prime_Connectivity_Kit_20160829.exe


DJ Omnimaga

The emu and connectivity kits have been updated to 10638. Very minor version upgrade but fixes some stability issues on Microsoft Surface tablets https://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=19165 http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-7086-post-62917.html#pid62917

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