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The CodeWalrus project

Started by pimathbrainiac, November 16, 2014, 01:29:50 pm

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November 16, 2014, 01:29:50 pm Last Edit: November 18, 2014, 03:23:15 am by DJ Omnimaga
EDIT (by DJ): If you can see this message, this means that you are one of the few members who have been granted access to this website, or you are reading this late and the site already opened before you did so.

CodeWalrus (http://codewalr.us/), which was founded on October 25th 2014 under the TI-Walrus project name, is a group of game programmers for mobile devices such as TI calculators, hosting a discussion forum dedicated to game programming for mobile platforms ranging from TI/Casio/HP calculators to smartphones, but we also cover computer programming, as well as the art topics related to it (drawing, pixel art, music, animation, etc). Once the website will be finished setting up, we will start inviting our TI, Casio and HP community friends who were interested in joining, one by one, then slowly give indication about the existence of this website. While, for the time being, it is meant to remain a programming team, it might attempt to fill empty gaps in the calculator community if the need arises. If things goes well, the official opening shall be on New Year 2015.

The site is ran on a shoestring budget, though, so while we are open to new features additions, server resources are limited compared to other calculator websites, meaning that we try to keep usage of them to a minimum. The only form of donations we currently accept is by purchasing DJ Omnimaga's music at http://djomnimaga.bandcamp.com (which will be come the official site store in December).

New Year, new beginning, new adventure, where walruses will fly...

If you find any bugs and issues on the website, feel free to report them in the site feedback section of the forums!
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DJ Omnimaga

Note that there probably won't be much news compared to Omni since all site news will be related to site-related stuff or major program releases by its own members, but I guess it wouldn't hurt in the future if the news section was replaced with a Cemetech-style news archive where each news link to a specific post in a random sub-forum. That way we don't have to move major discussions out of their sub-forums nor split program discussion in half and it won't be next to impossible to find stuff.


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Being able to flag any topic as news would be great indeed. Maybe something like topic aliases could work (if you know what I mean) ?

DJ Omnimaga

I don't understand what you mean sadly D:, do you mean like tags?

Also topic tags would be a nice addition if it was like on the Chinese calculator forums.


Nvm that actually since the portal mod has the feature built-in. I meant that basically we could make virtual threads that redirect to the original in the DB. So to any user or mod, the contents would be those of the original while it's actually empty.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah articles in SP are now using the content of the original threads. Articles used to be totally independent from the board db, like with SMF Articles by default.

Also, it's possible to assign news to a label, so we could split news by category if we want to and make a page where we can view select categories only.


Ah that's really nice. So it's basically a blogging system that integrates with the forum completely.

DJ Omnimaga

Yep, I just wish that the block letting you display a list of all articles posted on the site also showed dates. I could simply do like on Omni and only display 1 character per article or -1, though, if that trick still works :P

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