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Calculator benchmark for BASIC and math by Critor

Started by DJ Omnimaga, August 18, 2016, 04:54:52 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

August 18, 2016, 04:54:52 pm Last Edit: August 18, 2016, 04:59:52 pm by DJ Omnimaga
For the QCC2016 articles series (Quelle clignotrice choisir, which stands for Which "flashyculator" to choose, in reference to the blinking exam LED soon to be required at exams, hence the made-up calculator word), Critor posted a benchmark of how much time certain rudimentary math and algorithmic functions or programs take to execute on various calculator models allowed at the France final exam (BAC)

Basically, for those who don't speak French (it should be self-explanatory with the screenshots and code examples, though), the first test uses a graph and shows how many seconds it takes to draw the graph. The screen resolution is then taken into account, so you can also see how many milliseconds per pixel it takes to graph the equation. The second test uses a rudimentary school program with loops and is tested both in regular and CAS mode, depending of if the calculator supports it.

Note that the TI-84 Plus uses the same CPU as the TI-82 Advanced/TI-84 Plus-T so the benchmark should be valid for it too, and in North America, Graph 25+E is fx-7400G+ without exam light, 35+E is fx-9750gII without exam light and 75+E is fx-9860gII without exam light.

You can also see how certain calculators have no difference or almost none for the BASIC math engine execution, such as the TI-84+CE vs the TI-84+, but that drawing speed is way faster. On the other hand, on some models graphing speed is similar to others, but the math engine performances suck.

Anyway it looks like for maths and graphing, the HP Prime wins by far, but the Classpad II (fx-CP400) is an absolute disaster, especially in CAS mode where the program takes 19 times longer to execute than on the TI-83 Premium CE. I am surprised the monochrome TI-84 Plus series isn't faster, though O.O

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