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The Hardcore and Old Skool Thread

Started by kotu, August 16, 2016, 06:37:49 am

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DJ Omnimaga


Ok here is my current submission - it may be slightly more Freeform as opposed to Happy, hardcore, than some of you may like - but it is good and I'm not exactly a Freeform man myself. It's a USA one. Enjoy!

DJ Omnimaga

DJ Merkurius will play an hardstyle and hardcore set at Forever 2019 in Quebec City. However, it's the night right before an Alcoholica concert, so I'm unsure which event I will attend (if any), especially that I'm not as much into hard style and half of the event will feature house and electro music  (it also ends at 6 AM, which is well past my usual bed time). I'm glad to see hardcore finding its place in my province, though, which isn't much into electronic music, let alone rave music.


Do it Omnimaga!! Take on the rave!!!!! Woo!!  :D

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