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Semiprocoder's Pebble Stuff

Started by semiprocoder, August 08, 2016, 12:37:37 am

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I just recently bought myself a pebble time. The battery life(for me) wasn't seven days(it was ~3), but I was using it a lot.
Since the pebble has a really neat sdk, I just finished my first project(pong) after perhaps a day or two of learning the sdk. I suspect that uploading and playing my game quite often wasn't good for battery life.
Anyways, does anyone else here have a pebble, and do you program it?

Here are my published pebble projects(will be updated once I make more):
My cemetech username is awesommee333.

DJ Omnimaga

I never checked the Pebble much but I think some members have one. I'm not sure, though. I didn't know this was a smartwatch O.O. Anyway glad to see new games from you. I wonder if there is a (legal) Pebble emulator?


I know that you can make a pebble account for free, which grants you access to the online sdk, cloudpebble. It has an emulator for each kind of pebble. However(because it is web based or something), it is much slower that the actual pebble, which pong playing at like 5 fps(as opposed to smoothly on my pebble).
My cemetech username is awesommee333.

DJ Omnimaga

Ah ok. Too bad it's web-based. That can be handy sometimes, especially when it comes to multi-platform compatibility, but speed is really an issue. I'll try it anyway, though, but my PC is from 2009 (although stuff other than its hard drive speed and graphics card were high-end at the time)


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on August 08, 2016, 07:23:43 am
I never checked the Pebble much but I think some members have one. I'm not sure, though.

I know Eeems has one.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah I was talking about CW users. I guess it might be worth it if semiprocoder cross-posted his creations on Omni/Cemetech depending of if anyone got that watch, though.

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