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[3DS] Undertone

Started by Hayleia, August 06, 2016, 02:46:22 PM

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Those who were there during the 4x3 contest may remember Four Shades of Grey. Well this project here is a remake of that one, but on the 3DS, which supports more than just shades of grey, hence the name change.

Those who were not, the gameplay is simple. There are tiles with levels, from 0 to 3 (lightest to darkest). You must get all tiles to 0 by walking on them but you can't walk on 0 ones or you lose. Edges wrap.

Well right now, all you can do is play the same level again and again :P
It's actually random generated already, but since I don't seed anything and never change dimensions, it's always that one that comes out...
So yeah, either fail and the thing is reset, or solve it and the game exits. You can also exit with the START key.

Obviously, more stuff coming. That's just the first build.

Video here, and nope, I don't show the solution :P

Source and downloads:

CFW users can just flash that with FBI

DJ Omnimaga

Nice to see this ported to the 3DS :D. But at first I thought the title refered to a 3DS clone of Undertale. :P


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on August 06, 2016, 05:10:16 PM
Nice to see this ported to the 3DS :D. But at first I thought the title refered to a 3DS clone of Undertale. :P
Lol yeah, I see why :P

Actually, I needed a new name (because we don't have grey only, as said in the first post) and first thought about Sh4des, because, well, still 4 shades but not of grey, in one word, etc. But a quick Google search made me change my mind about that name :P
So I looked for something else, asked some people like Bisam on tiplanet who suggested P4ttern and Sh4dwalk, but I didn't really like how Sh4dwalk sounded (sounds like Solucom, Solutec and every other name where you concatenate parts of words to try and describe your stuff even though that should be in the description indeed, not in the name), and P4ttern wasn't bad at all but didn't really describe the game. So I went on and, among other things, it suggested Undertone, and I thought that would be awesome as a title for yet another of these games where you have puzzles to solve and there are sentences between levels :P
Not sure if I'm going to do this or not but no reason to lose opportunities.

DJ Omnimaga

I think Undertone is fine. You could always call it Undertone: The Color Puzzle to avoid Undertale confusion and clickbaitness effects :P

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