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Sonic Mania 25th Anniversary

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 23, 2016, 05:12:45 am

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DJ Omnimaga

To be honest, I tend to not care much about bad voice acting because with English as second language I could not see any difference between good and bad voice acting back in the days, unless it was like Ys III for the Turbografx 16 or Star Ocean: The Second Story.

I didn't find many issues in SA1 and 2, but again I didn't play them on the GCN much, so I don't know if they butchered them on that console or not. As for Unleashed and Sacred Rings it seemed like at this point Sega ramped the difficulty so high that we could usually not even beat the first level. This was when we discovered that most new Sonic games were crap (we didn't play the others until then). As for Sonic 4, I actually had doubts that it existed at all, because there was so much hype about them, but then I never saw Sonic 4 appear in video game stores for the Wii, Xbox 360 nor the PS3, which made me think Sonic 4 was actually a hoax. Then I later realized it was an episode-split game exclusively released online in digital format. Sonic 4 looks great IMHO, but the movement seems like it just re-uses the engine from the GBA port of Sonic 1 and the level design looks like it's just a remake of Sonic 1 rather than a new game.

I wonder if the DS version of Sonic Color is good?


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on July 25, 2016, 05:37:12 pm
I wonder if the DS version of Sonic Color is good?

It's not, it's basically Sonic Rush 3, unless that's your thing.

DJ Omnimaga

Ah ok. Thanks for the head up.

There really needs to be a list of Sonic games that are good or considered good overall and a list of the mediocre or bad ones. Preferably, having one list for the side-scrollers and another for the open-world ones would be better, for people who are seeking for side-scrolling games


Eh, that's mainly your opinion. And the general opinion of the Internet.
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DJ Omnimaga

True, but I think just a general score would be enough overall. But again it can be hard to tell when a game gets mixed reviews. I guess there could be a third category for hit-n-miss games like Lost World.

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