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CW News catchup, part 2: Notable TI-84 Plus CE & TI-83 Premium CE releases

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 24, 2016, 02:10:14 am

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DJ Omnimaga

Continuing our news pending queue cleanup, it's now time to mention some notable TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE releases. As you'll notice, the ez80 TI scene has been pretty busy in the last few months!


This is a Sokoban clone with Super Mario in it. It isn't finished, but the author showcases some of the Sprites library capabilities in this hybrid BASIC game.

Download link


This one is self-explanatory: It's a 2048 game for the TI-84 Plus CE, written in C, and it looks as good as the original.

Download link


A nice-looking Minesweeper clone by Merthsoft which stays very true to the original PC game.

Download link and discussion

Zombie Chase

Several years ago, Spenceboy98 made Zombie Chase for the fx-CG10 and fx-CG20 calculators. Written in C, he has now ported it to the TI-84 Plus CE series.

Download link and discussion

Flappy Bird

A nice looking port of the infamous mobile game

Download link


This arcade game was notorious for being rigged, with the last row seemingly impossible to stack properly due to the game never stopping the block exactly when you press the button. It's unclear if Unicorn's CE port emulates that "feature", but it's surely gonna entertain you for a while.

Download link and discussion

1000 Bornes

This is a calculator port of the old and popular French card game called Mille Bornes. It's a car-themed game which is explained in further details here.

Download link and news


Remember this game from Detacheds Solutions' PuzzPack app for the TI-84 Plus? It has been ported to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition two years ago, but it has now been remade in C for the TI-84 Plus CE series of calculators.

Download link and discussion

Game of Life

A TI-84 Plus CE implementation of the cellular automata program known as Conway's Game of Life

Download link and discussion

Archive Undelete CE

A few years ago, this program was released for monochrome calculators to help people recover their programs lost due to archive corruption. While we always recommend that everyone back up their softwares often, this tool can be very handy in dire or unexpected situations.

Download link and discussion


The TI-Innovator is a device that includes a TI MSP432 Launchpad development board and is compatible with the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-Nspire calculator series. Those who liked to mess around with Arduino boards might be very interested by this, but remember that the TI-Innovator was made by TI, meaning that the retail price might end up on the high side. Still, it is very nice to see Texas Instruments show interests in the hobbyist community and recognize that those devices can be very handy in school for learning purposes! The video above showcases it in action.

More information

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