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Pokemon Go

Started by aeTIos, July 11, 2016, 09:09:06 am

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DJ Omnimaga

I'll check it out in case. Also those damn eggs. As a fast walker they take forever to hatch because it seems the game registers my steps as running, which won't count.

DJ Omnimaga

I finally got my Beedrill :D

DJ Omnimaga

Question to those with fast phones: When you are at a pokéstop and spin it, does exiting the game then launching it again reset the cooldown period? I noticed earlier that when I used a pokéstop during dinner break then exited the game, a few minutes later I started the game again and the cooldown already ended, and I swear cooldown took much longer when I had the game open at any time in Quebec City a few weeks ago. I can't really check if restarting the game resets it, though, because my Nexus 5 takes so long to start the game and load my GPS location that it wouldn't make a significant difference anyway.

But that could be a fast way to farm for pokéballs when you're at a location that only has 1 pokéstop (the entire downtown district of my city only has 2 pokéstops total and they're over 2 miles apart)


I was going to say i have a fast phone but TIL the nexus 5 is not considered fast. I don't get it though, my n5 started the game in about 20 seconds and GPS doesn't take more than a few seconds?
The cooldown period is 5 minutes by the way.
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DJ Omnimaga

For me it usually takes over 1-2 minutes depending of where I am and time of the day. At 6 PM in downtown Quebec City it usually never gets past the second loading screen if the place is crowded with players.


I caught a primeape 248 cp at level 5.

??? ??? ??? ??? ???

DJ Omnimaga

I jjst found this *.*

Also leveling up sometimes give a crapload of items lol O.O (I just reached level 10 before catching that Jigglypuff)


DJ Omnimaga

Nice, and I see you named them :D. I need to learn again which type is weak against what and start doing some battles at some point. What are the rewards for battles?

Also I will have to level up my pokémons a bit more because only one is above 600 points i think.


Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on August 15, 2016, 10:36:47 pm
Nice, and I see you named them :D. I need to learn again which type is weak against what and start doing some battles at some point.

Yea I have a name for (almost) every pokemon, some of them relate to movies, tv-shows, & other videogames

Also here a type chart.

DJ Omnimaga

Thanks for the chart. I'll put it on my phone I think :)

On a side note it seems that Pokémons come in batches. I got three Jigglypuffs today and beforehand I only ever saw one a few weeks ago O.O


this is a totally unbased guess, but I know that there are 'cycles' in Ingress where stuff like scores get reset, maybe they have something similar in pokemon go where they reset pokemon spawns?
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DJ Omnimaga

I heard that sometimes the Pokémons in an area will reset so that new ones can appear, to give the chance to more players to capture them, but I was surprised now because the Pokémons where I live almost never changed before.


Actually, is there in Pokémon Go all 721 Generation I-to-VI Pokémons ? :P

DJ Omnimaga

Nah, it only features 1st-gen pokémons, and even then, it doesn't have all 150. I checked my Pokédex and it goes from 1 to 131. I heard something about legendary pokémons, though, so I assume that those can't be caught through normal means?

It would be funny if it was easy to reskin Pokémon Go without risks of banning, so that we can replace all pokémons with :walrii: (flat models)

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