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I can give you a cheap vintage computer

Started by Caleb Hansberry, July 10, 2016, 12:29:46 AM

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@Caleb Hansberry  I'm definitely interested in the IBM PC XT. I used to have one. The PC Jr looks pretty cool as well. Are they both in working condition? I'm actually on vacation till this Monday. I'd like to chat with you about them when I get back.

Caleb Hansberry

I have sold the IBM PCjr to Scipi now!
I would be fine with selling the XT now, but to be frank I was kind of scared when shipping the PCjr monitor, I'd rather not ship the XT monitor for fear of it breaking. Of course it's very expensive too, and the main unit is very heavy, the keyboard is amazingly heavy too. If we could meet that'd be good for the computer.

DJ Omnimaga

I'm late but I wonder if there would be a way to secure the shipping package to prevent any breaking? It would probably require a much bigger box and lots of foamy stuff, though (and increase shipping cost due to requiring you to ship a pillow or two and a few blankets or something. I'm not even sure if foamy stuff would be enough to protect the item anyway. Anyway I'M glad you managed to sell some of the unwanted vintage computers.

Caleb Hansberry

Well, the monitor I shipped didn't break so it's possible. It's just, they don't care if they drop packages, and if they drop it far enough it'll break, but it might not be dropped, and if it isn't it should be fine. Cost is another factor, $90 or more to ship the monitor...

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah sadly it depends of the employee I think. Some people don't handle packages with care. :/

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