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Wow, someone has over 600 files on

Started by DJ Omnimaga, July 06, 2016, 01:14:51 am

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DJ Omnimaga


If you thought that Kerm and PatrickD had many files, think again. On top of that he has an author profile since less than 6 years since his ID has 5 digits.


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DJ Omnimaga

I know, but still, I was shocked, because back in 2003-05 many people were complaining that Kerm had too many files, yet he had about 250 (although he combined many later IIRC). This new author makes both Kerm and Patrick's profiles look small in comparison. That said, for someone looking for advanced programs, this newer author might not necessarily be the place to look at (I also did not check if the programs are redundant or anything, which was very common in's math section and some game sections). :P


This author might also be a physical education teacher, based off of such works as "Max Rep." Or maybe Lane is just an enthusiast.

DJ Omnimaga

Back in the old days, however, it was also common by game authors to flood with hundreds of absolutely horrible quality games with misleading titles, just to get downloads. This is why Cemetech had the SNOTY award back then, although such award would have never happened elsewhere since it was poking fun at specific community members directly. But yeah some authors often caused controversy by mass-uploading if their files were redundant or shovelware.

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