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Digital or physical? (games, music, movies)

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 24, 2017, 04:26:54 am

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Are you more a fan of digital games/music/movies or physical?

5 (55.6%)
2 (22.2%)
I'm too busy trying to get Limewire to run
2 (22.2%)

Total Members Voted: 9

DJ Omnimaga

So I was wondering if you were more a fan of buying digital games, music and movies or if you still prefer physical copies?

Personally I still prefer buying physical games whenever possible, because if the download shop closes down and my game console breaks, then I lose everything I bought. This is unlikely to happen with Steam or PSN, but again Eaton and Sears used to be huge success for decades and still ended up in deep troubles or shutting down entirely. I also cannot trade-in digital games except on Steam where you can get a refund after 2 weeks of minimal gameplay, so if I get bored of a game I cannot get anything back in return (not that you will get much with physical copies of popular games, especially at Gamestop, but some games are more rare or valuable). On the other hand, physical copies are often harder to find, takes more storage room in my home and they are often more expensive (especially compared to Steam), and can be damaged/scratched to the point they become unreadable.

What about you?


Yeah, the problem with physical copies, I always misplace the CD and stuff, but if I really like something and I want to throw money at it, I try to get a physical copy, especially for music. Otherwise, there's always Spotify and YouTube. For games, I don't really care as much.
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I like physical copies, the same way people like statues.
They don't serve any real purpose, but it makes me happy that they're there.

I bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R Twice, once on Steam and once physically.
Full price too. It was worth the $40.00 CND. I love GSC and hope
that they don't dissolve again.


I like digital copies more because
1) i can get games instantly
2) i can pirate games
3) some games aren't even sold physically
4) how do they even get 40 GB games on disks nowadays? im not really in the mood for using 8 installation disks
5) also i feel like they tend to be cheaper.
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I like having a backup copy of the game. Be it disk, or in a zip file.


One copy is not enough! If something is important enough for me to back it up, I generally make a copy of it somewhere else on my hard drive, then on an external hard drive, and on flash drive which I give to my neighbor (who is resigned to the fact that I am paranoid)
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I love to collect 2nd user and new hardcore CDs


I like finding old NES-N64 carts at markets and stuff, but otherwise I'm fine with digital ... though usually only once the prices are reduced to help mitigate the cost if the service shuts down etc.


Yeah, don't buy these games like $70 if it's not worth it. You can find pretty good games in the bargain bin for like $2.
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DJ Omnimaga

So those who are fans of digital purchases, watch out, because in January 2019 the Wii shop is closing down.

Caleb Hansberry

Well, in response to the original question, I only get physical copies, but I am a collector not a gamer so thats how it goes. I love physical copies, my favorite is a sealed copy of Turrican II.

DJ Omnimaga

Given how I had to stop collecting games and only buy the bare minimum, I do not mind getting digital copies nowadays, but it depends under which circumstances. If I traded-in games for credits at a store, then unless the store sells Steam/PSN gift cards or something, I'm gonna try to get the physical copy at said store.

Also wow @Caleb Hansberry you got a sealed copy of Turrican II? O.O (I got sealed games but they're much less rare, eg Shaq Fu for Sega Genesis and F-Zero player's choice edition for the SNES)

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