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calc.news - The revival of TI-News and CalcNews

Started by Yuki, June 07, 2016, 05:41:55 pm

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DJ Omnimaga

Ah right. Could this be useful? http://devtacular.com/utilities/atomtorss/

Else @critor @Adriweb @Dark Storm and @Lionel Debroux might maybe know a workaround? Ideally we want to avoid giving more work to do to other site admins. The issue right now is that despite Calc.news being intended to replace a former English site while still offering non-English content, 90% of the news relayed there are in French, which, while it's not a bad thing due to the high-quality content they provide, the lack of a Google/Bing-translated copy could turn away some visitors.


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DJ Omnimaga

Yay! I wish you good luck. I hope it doesn't cause massive lag when loading pages, though. Calc.news is already pretty slow.


Meh, RSS. Atom has been around for a while, and it's how phpBB does it apparently.
You could try the converter thing, but it indeed takes a few more seconds - Also the feed validator says the atom feed is okay, but the rss-converted one isn't.
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DJ Omnimaga

Hm I see. I hope it doesn',t mean a translated feed is impossible for TI-Planet/Planète Casio x.x

DJ Omnimaga

Suggestions to improve calc.news:

-Make the site mobile-friendly. A few months ago, I noticed that some text overlapped outside the windows (such as calculator programs source code) and that the site was not responsive
-Add a small latest file uploads section, either at the top or on the side (if it's at the bottom you should reduce the amount of news per page to 25 or 30 so it doesn't take too long to be reached. Cemetech and ticalc.org have RSS feeds for their respective file archives, but I'm unsure for TI-Planet. For CW you would need to make one that checks if the topic has been cloned into the file archive sections or if it's located there in the first place and make your own RSS feed.

DJ Omnimaga

@Juju and @Streetwalrus http://calc.news is down now. It redirects to a Rick Astley pic and warns me of invalid certificate :/


Weird, it works fine for me. Sounds like something is forcing you to use https.

DJ Omnimaga

Yeah I think Opera switches to https by default as soon as you attempt using it at one point in the past.

Anyway this is definitively something that needs fixing if it only works for certain users

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