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Sabaton 40:1 - Semi 16-bits or semi-SNES style music

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 05, 2016, 06:50:13 am

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DJ Omnimaga

This song is not by me, but rather a MIDI file of the song 40:1 by Sabaton that I found somewhere. I edited in audacity two years ago so that it sounds closer to Super Nintendo material, using a similar echo effect among other things. Granted, it's not real SNES music, but I thought it sounded similar to some upbeat music on that console, so I thought I would share it since I thought the result sounded kinda cool.

DJ Omnimaga

It's now on YOutube with a 16-bits style background :P


Yeah, that kinda sounds like a SNES RPG or something.
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DJ Omnimaga

Yeah, I wanted to use it for a Reuben CSE RPG a few years ago but finally never got around making the game.

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